In a world where Dumbledore killed Voldemort before he ever killed Harry's parents, we follow three characters during their time at Hogwarts

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    Name: David Jenson Shirey

    Sex: Yes please, and male

    Age: July 2, 1980

    Race: ??? Mostly Caucasian (irish, scottish, german, english), dash of American Indian, splash of Chinese and a hint of African

    Appearance: 5' 1", 130 lbs. - Chubby bunny (Charlie Brown-shaped head); broad shoulders, wide waist and hips; skin tends to be fair in winter and lightly bronzed in summer. Dark, curly hair, usually cut short (think Will-I-Am from BEPs) and 75% cocoa eyes. A button nose and a dimpled chin (and cheeks). Honking glasses.

    *Year 2 update: 5' 4", 135 lbs - leaner, but still with a slightly squishy midsection.*

    Personality: Very cheerful in general, but can become moody very fast with little warning. Moods can be frightening, but tend to pass quickly. Otherwise, a personality with very few extremes, mild in just about every way - does tend to be "out there" for people who don't know him/understand where he's coming from.

    Pet: Spotted Eagle-Owl - 56cm tall, 148cm wingspan, 978g in weight (look them up - absolutely adorable) - Ezra

    House: Ravenclaw

    Bio: Raised by a single-mother in the South-Eastern United States, David (goes by Jenson) was raised completely in the Muggle world with absolutely no magical contact of any kind. Jenson managed to never get seriously injured as a child, even when getting into very dangerous situations. Visited by professor Flitwick himself, his mother was convinced (by both Dumbledore's letter and professor Flitwick) that he had both the talent and the skills to fit in and even excell at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and, with a little financial aid, secured his spot in the '91 first years.

    Jenson has a younger brother (by 4 years) who does not really understand what is going on but misses his brother terribly while he's away and sends Jenson weekly letters/trinkets by owl (Ezra).

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