In a world where Dumbledore killed Voldemort before he ever killed Harry's parents, we follow three characters during their time at Hogwarts

    Chapter Three


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    Chapter Three Empty Chapter Three

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    Jenson tried not to doze off, he really did, but the droning of professor Binns' voice combined with the unnaturally warm classroom was like the gentle hum of cicadas on a warm summer afternoon in the South-Eastern US. The fact that his seat was also situated in a beam of direct sunlight from the large, open window to his left...well that only exacerbated the problem.

    To his right, Hermione seemed to be taking notes furiously, occasionally marking in the margins of her notes. Jenson noticed that her pen-quillmenship was extraordinary.

    Behind him, he could hear Astrid fidgeting in her seat, occasionally mumbling (whether to herself or Teal, he did not know). He snuck a quick peek behind him and noticed that Teal was almost perfectly mirroring his posture - elbow to table, chin in hand, his quill held loosely in his other hand.

    "...and, of course, itching powder has been illegal in Bulgaria ever since. Uric's journey then took him to..." Jenson caught from professor Binns, actually putting forth effort, momentarily, to listen in on the most boring lecture ever presented. Any excitement that Jenson would have normally felt from the novelty of all of this information was buried beneath the culmination of sleep-inducing factors inherent within the classroom and its phantom representative. Somehow, Hermione seemed completely impervious to the effects. A breeze floated in through the open window, tickling his face.

    Beneath him, fields and trees passed by almost lazily. A gust of wind ruffled his suddenly longer hair and in his right hand, he held what looked to be a squat baseball bat. His blue and silver robes flapped around him as he grabbed his broom handle and gave it a swift tug up and to the left, flipping around and heading back towards the rest of the team.

    "Jenson!" yelled Cho Chang, pointing behind him. He twisted and, spotting a very violent black ball rushing at his face, clobbered it with his bat. He watched it soar away even faster than it had come at him and narrowly missed Roger Davies.

    "Jenson..." he heard his name repeated, quieter and with a slight hiss. But as he looked around, he could not find the source. Something grabbed his shoulder.

    "Jenson!" Hermione whispered, shaking his shoulder.

    Jenson jerked up in his seat, glancing about the room warily, as if it might suddenly disappear. He noticed that his cheek felt damp and that the lone paragraph on his History notes was slightly smeared and likewise damp. He looked at Hermione in confusion. In turn, she stared at him with annoyance.

    Not only did you fall asleep, you started to snore... she wrote on an undampened corner of his parchment.

    Sorry about do you manage to stay awake? he wrote back. Between his voice and this sunbeam, it's like bathing in a tub of warm milk.

    What?! she wrote before flashing him a look of disapproval.

    Before he could respond, the bell rang to indicate the end of class and, while professor Binns continued to drone on, students began to slowly pack up, unsure whether they were allowed to leave or not. Hermione's hand shot up.

    "Professor Binns."

    Binns looked up, apparently startled that there was a room-full of people in front of him.

    "Oh...yes Ms. Granger?"

    "Do we have homework assigned for tonight?"

    A chorus of groans erupted throughout the room, the very loudest coming from Astrid. Professor Binns stared for a moment before something like realization came to him.

    "Ah, yes Ms. Granger. I had almost forgotten. I want you all to write 14 inches of parchment on the modification of Ulric's Wizard Zoning Edict and your thougts on the subject. And no, I do not want to read 'it was stupid,'" at which Astrid groaned again, "or any other such rubbish. Class is dismissed."

    Hermione and, by association Jenson, recieved a plethera of dirty looks and severe irritation as the four first-year classes packed their things and shuffled past. Astrid, of course, was among them, but suprisingly, even Teal seemed agitated.

    "Way to go Herman!" Astrid said with a slight scowl. "He was going to let the class off the hook, but you had to remind him to assign homework. Why in Merlin's saggy drawers would you ask him something like that?"

    Hermione looked quite affronted.

    "Because homework is an important part of the school curriculum! If he thought that the homework assignment wasn't important, then he would not have assigned one, regardless of my reminder. Right Jenson?" She turned to him, her face red in a mixture of irritation and, perhaps, embarrassment. Jenson put on his best poker face.

    "I am not getting involved with this one...right Teal?" At this, Teal gave a brief nod, almost indiscernible.

    Both girl's turned to him, each seeming ready to smite him, when inspiration struck him.

    "Astrid! We have to run to potions or...uh...bye!" At this, he grabbed both Teal and Hermione by the arm and rushed them to the staircase.

    "Jenson! I won't forget this! You owe me!"

    "Oh dear lord..." Jenson thought to himself in despair...


    "Open your books to page 25 and read Arsenius Jigger's Introduction to Magical Drafts and Potions to yourself. There will be no need to speak," Professor Snape growled lightly. Although he spoke quite softly, no one in that dungeon classroom had trouble hearing him. On the tallish side, with a slight hunch, long, lanky black hair and a sinister, beak-like nose, Severus Snape was by far the most intimidating person Jenson had met at Hogwarts. Despite Hagrid's great size, he seemed to be quite a cheerful fellow. By comparison, Snape looked as if he could eat a human baby and ask for salt while doing so. The classroom itself, with various potion ingredients scattered about and pictures and diagrams of potions and their effects (Jenson assumed) papering the walls, was very intimidating and the presence of their stalking, bat-like professor silhouetted against the relative gloom of the dungeon did little to quell the inducement of panic attacks. However, Jenson did respect the authority and obvious expertise with which Professor Snape carried himself. While he waited for them to finish the reading, he stalked to and fro throughout the rooms, checking a number of spewing and bubbling cauldrons. Jenson finished reading ahead of the majority of the students, with the exception of Hermione (who had apparently already read the first several chapters and was now taking this opportunity to read even further ahead). Several other Ravenclaws finished soon after and a smattering of Hufflepuffs managed the same before Snape spoke again.

    "There, I believe that you have had ample time. Now, where does the word 'potions" come from?"

    Several Ravenclaw hands shot up, including Hermione's and Jenson's, as well as a scattered Hufflepuff here or there. Teal's hand remained down as he had not finished reading before Snape had begun his questioning. He seemed to be attmepting to continue reading without Snape noticing. Fortunately for him, Snape's eyes seemed to be very distracted by the number of hands raised.

    "You there, the Ravenclaw with the glasses and quaffle-shaped cranium," he said, pointing to Jenson. Jenson did, indeed, have a very round head, so he could not fault him for pointing it out.

    "David Shirey, sir. Er, 'potion' comes from the Latin word potio meaning 'drink' or 'beverage'...sir."

    "Correct," Professor Snape said grudgeoningly. "Five points to Ravenclaw." He scanned the room again before pointing to a hufflepuff boy with straight, dirty blonde hair.

    "Do all potions need to be drank to be effective?"

    Hermione's hand shot up, even though she had not been called upon. Jenson had to restain himself from doing the same. He hating knowing the answer to something and waiting to hear someone say it. It felt like a waste of everybody's time. Especially since this boy did not appear to have a clue, even though his odds were 50/50 that he would be correct.

    "Ernie MacMillan, sir., sir. They can be applied, like an ointment, right sir?"

    Snape sighed as if Ernie had disappointed him greatly. Nevertheless, Jenson knew that he had answered correctly.

    "Although you are technically correct, Mr. Macmillan, you obviously guessed at the answer. In the future, if you offer an answer in such a way, I will consider it wrong. And, depending on the potion, it can be drank, applied or even the very act of creating it can be a catalyst for its effect. Write this down, all of you!"

    Jenson saw that this was going to be, perhaps, his most complex class of least so far...

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    Chapter Three Empty Re: Chapter Three

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    Teal had to practically force himself to wake up after they left the History of Magic classroom. He hadn’t fallen asleep, but he had come close more than once. Fortunately the rapid fashion in which Jenson had forced them to exit had helped him come back to consciousness almost completely.

    Jenson and Hermaphrodite had a free period next, but Teal had to make his way to Herbology before he had Potions with them. He waved goodbye to the two Ravenclaws and headed downstairs until he reached the ground floor. Herbology was in the first greenhouse outside, which meant that Teal had to walk to the opposite end of the building. He sighed and began heading that way.

    Professor Sprout was a plump woman with a wizard hat so old and bent that it reminded Teal of a cornucopia. She was also the head of the Hufflepuff house, so he was already excited, knowing she would probably be very kind towards him, and hopefully less strict than Professor McGonagall supposedly was. She waited patiently for the students to fill in the classroom and then began speaking as the clock struck two.

    “Good afternoon, class. For those of you who are not already aware, namely the Gryffindor students, my name is Professor Sprout, and I will be your Herbology teacher during your time here at Hogwarts.”

    Teal looked around at the other Hufflepuffs, who all seemed happy to be there, and then to the Gryffindors, most of whom seemed uninterested. One boy in particular, who Teal remembered from the previous night having had trouble keeping track of his toad, seemed as gleeful as most of the Hufflepuff students did. Neville, he thought his name was. Teal remembered thinking that he didn’t seem like much of a Gryffindor, from what he knew about them, when he had been sorted. Today only seemed to further that appearance.

    “Today, class,” Professor Sprout continued, “we will be discussing the different types of plants used in the making of wands. As some of you may know, most wands are made from the wood of one of many types of trees, the most common of these being ash, birch, blackthorn, cherry, elm, hawthorn, hazel, holly, ivy, mahogany, rosewood, rowan, and willow.”

    Teal’s eyes grew wide at the long list and how quickly and easily Professor Sprout had recited them. Teal knew a lot about plants, but he had never even heard of a third of the trees she had listed. He knew blackthorn, as that was what his wand was made out of. He pulled out his wand to examine it once again, as he had done so many times already.

    Professor Sprout finished her lecture about the different types of wood used for wand crafting and then moved on to inform the students of the importance of Herbology. She didn’t go into much detail, simply explaining that there were many dangerous plants they might possibly come across and that they would need to know how to react around each of them.

    The first example she gave them was spiky bushes. She explained about the bushes’ ability to shoot spikes at people, and that they could be taken care of with a simple stunning spell. Teal made sure to write that part down in bold letters in his notes. As three o’clock rolled around the Professor finished her lesson and assigned the class the first chapter of reading in ‘One Thousand Magical Herbs and Fungi’.

    Once Herbology had ended Teal made a straight shot to the Potions classroom, which was on the first level of the dungeons, right below ground level. He had barely gotten on the floor when he noticed the drastic drop in temperature. Edgar, who had been on his shoulder since nearly the beginning of Herbology, slipped back into Teal’s robe pocket in an attempt to stay warm.

    Despite the gloomy atmosphere, Teal entered the classroom smiling. This was his last class of the day and then he would have free time for almost two hours until dinner at six. Astrid and Jenson would be free too. Perhaps they could go exploring around the castle. Teal was still so confused when it came to finding his way around, and at the very least he wanted to see where his classrooms were for the next day. He’d meet Astrid in the library like they had planned earlier and then then they could figure out the rest from there.

    Jenson and Hermipede were, not surprisingly, already in the classroom when Teal got there, along with many other Ravenclaw students and a few Hufflepuffs, some of which he had followed here. Teal took the seat behind Jenson, getting a few curious and somewhat disapproving looks from some of the surrounding Ravenclaw students. He smiled back to them and then turned to pull out his book and parchment.

    Professor Snape, a tall, thin man who gave Teal and eerie feeling, assigned them to read a few pages in their textbooks at the beginning of class. He allowed them a few minutes to read and then instantly began to question them about the passage. Teal hurried to finish reading, hoping the Professor wouldn’t notice that he was still doing so.

    The class continued in much the same fashion, with Professor Snape asking questions in his drawing, monotone, yet menacing voice, and reprimanding students for the smallest thing. Surprising no one, Hermanato’s hand was raised for every question he asked. When the class finished, Snape assigned them an eighteen inch write up of the basics of potion making and safety.

    Teal wanted to groan thinking about the amount of homework he had already. Thankfully he’d already done his homework for Defense Against the Dark Arts, and thankfully tomorrow was an easier day. Perhaps he could get all of his homework out of the way tonight, and then have most of the day tomorrow to explore. The three of them finished gathering their things and left the room.

    “I’m going to meet Astrid in the library,” Teal informed Jenson and Hermeddlesome as he pulled Edgar out of his robe pocket and plopped him down onto his shoulder. “You wanna come to?”

    “Sure!” Jenson replied quickly. “I need to get some of my homework out of the way and I have a feeling it’ll be quieter there than most places.”

    Teal smiled and headed for the stairs. When they reached the library, as expected, Astrid was sitting at one of the tables, several books and sheets of parchment splayed out in front of her. Teal briefly wondered if she was attempted to work on all of her homework assignments at the same time. How difficult that must be.

    Astrid looked up to see the three of them as they neared the table. She smiled first at Teal, who was in the lead, then at Jenson as he came into view, and then bit her tongue as she saw Hermousey, attempting to keep her smile there. A tiny scream escaped her mouth, probably from pain, and she released her tongue from between her teeth.

    “Hey, guys!” Astrid said, averting her attention from the girl who was responsible for half of her current homework. “I’m almost done with my History of Magic paper. I added in a few extra sources from other books, just to make sure I start the class off with a good grade.”

    Teal and Jenson took their seats around the table and began to pull out their assignments.

    “That’s all you have?” Hermillypad asked, looking over Astrid’s shoulder.

    Astrid closed her books quickly, a look on her face like she was about to explode, literally, and Teal jumped back in his seat.

    “How was potions?” She half yelled, getting shooshed from somewhere in the library.

    “Oh, it was simply great!” Hermento began to inform her before anyone else could speak, heading to the empty seat at the table. “Professor snape is quite strict, but a great professor, nonetheless, and I do believe the class will be quite challenging, so-”

    As she continued to speak Astrid slapped her hand to the side of her face and then began to drag it downwards, giving her face the appearance that it was melting. She let out a deep breath and then opened her book again, interrupting Hermouthy when she could no longer take any more of her monologue.

    “So! Let’s do some homework, shall we?” she proposed, willing to pretend she was still working on it even after she had finished in order to keep the other girl quiet.

    They studied and wrote silently, all the way until time for dinner. Astrid was staring off into space, one hand holding up her head and the other moving about lazily over the page, as she had been pretending to write for the past hour. Hermartian suddenly declared that she was finished and that they should head down for dinner, pulling Astrid out of her daze and startling Teal, who had been concentrating deeply. Jenson looked up, not surprised at all by her actions or words, and then slowly began to gather his things.

    Teal had just finished his paper for Potions and written had written the first paragraph for his History of Magic paper when Hermonday had made her announcement. He would have to finish that and do his reading for Herbology between tonight and tomorrow. So much for exploring the whole day. He was fairly certain he’d still have a good bit of time, though.

    When they reached the Great Hall the food was already set out on the table and a few students we’re already their feasting. Hermuppet had stopped them in time so that they would reach the Great Hall at six o’clock on the dot. In a matter of minutes the entire room was filled with students consuming their dinner. Teal, for the first time since he’d arrived her, actually had quite an appetite. He plowed through an entire plate of food, focusing mainly on a dish of cheese and potatoes, and went in for a second.

    They left the Great Hall stuffed full of food that night and went back to the library to finish off their studies. Astrid went about the isles, browsing through the seemingly endless supply of books, and Hermesticide double checked over all of her work before informing them all that she was going to prepare for the next day.

    “I simply must talk to Professor Sprout before Herbology. I’m not feeling completely confident in my knowledge of everything we’ll be doing.”

    She rattled off a list of a few other things she had to do, including meeting up with a girl who’s name Teal didn’t recognize, and practicing a potion for Wednesday, which they had not even been assigned. Teal and Jenson waved goodbye to her and Astrid made sure that she was out of sight so that she didn’t have to do the same.

    It was a little after nine o’clock by the time both Teal and Jenson had finished their work. Astrid had come back to the table periodically to both check up on them and show them certain books she had found, explaining that they might help her with an interview for this wizard or that witch. Teal had smiled and nodded, pretending to know who she was talking about, which had been all but about three of the magic users she had listed.

    They had less than an hour before curfew, and decided to go for a stroll around the grounds. They gathered all their things together for the last time that day, ran to drop them off in their respective dormitories, and then met outside, just in front of the Entrance Hall. They headed to the right, Astrid pointing out Hagrid’s hut, and made their way idly around the building.

    Teal’s attention remained distracted by the lake until it was out of view. It was no secret that he liked water and all things related to it, especially swimming, but something about this lake seemed different. He had been to many different lakes and other bodies of water with his godmother, and none of them had been quite so captivating as this.

    He didn’t know what it was about the lake that drew him in, but he knew that, one day, he was going to find out...

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    Chapter Three Empty Re: Chapter Three

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    Astrid started walking toward the library grumbling angrily under her breath, laced with a few choice words.
    “Who does she think she is? Why in Merlin’s beard would a student want homework? Why on Jupiter would Hermyone- Son of a bi-“
    Suddenly Astrid felt the floor under her disappeared. She screamed to the top of her lungs and she realized she had succumbed to the trick step.
    “Lovely. Just fanfuckingtabulous!“
    Astrid’s legs were dangling freely under the stair while her chest and up were above the stair.
    Well this is highly uncomfortable,’ she thought.
    She turned her head looking for someone to help.
    “Any one there? I’m stuck in the trick step,” she yelled. “Help me! Aidez-moi! Watashi o tasukete! Auxilium me!”
    Astrid had no idea why she thought it would help to shout “Help me” in French, Japanese, and Italian but she tried it anyway. After a few minutes of shouting help me in those languages she realized she’d be there a while.
    I can’t believe I forgot about this step,’ she thought. ‘All because of stupid Hermyone. It’s all her fault. If she wasn’t so, so the way she is I wouldn’t have been so distracted!
    She sighed aloud.
    Well at least the whole day wasn’t too terrible, I suppose. Classes are okay. Except Binns. I haven’t the slightest clue how I’m going to stay awake in that class. I may have to magic my quill to write notes for me. Yes I think that’s a good way to do it. Maybe have Teal poke me or wake me up if he notices me start to fall asleep. That is if he doesn’t fall asleep his self. And now all this homework.
    Astrid was so into her thoughts that when someone cleared their throat behind her she screamed a little. She turned her head.
    Malfoy. Great.
    “See you got yourself in a bit of jam, huh Burkeheart,” he taunted.
    “It would seem that way, Malfoy,” she said through gritted teeth. His hotness not going unnoticed though. “Well are you going to help me out or not?”
    Malfoy chuckled and started past her. She tried to bite his ankle but he hopped out of the way in time.
    “Not very nice.”
    “Malfoy help me out of the fucking stair!”
    “Ooh quite a mouth you have there,” he chuckled.
    Astrid let out a low growl.
    “Ask nicely or I won’t do it.”
    “Malfoy, help me out of the stair... please.”
    “Fair attempt, I suppose. Next time you’ll have to ask a whole lot nicer though.”
    Draco then hefted Astrid out of the stair by her under arms.
    “Thanks,” she said lowly heading up the stairs.
    “Just remember, next time, you’ll have yo be a lot nicer,” he reminded her.
    “Who says there’ll be a next time?” And she skipped up the stairs, around the corner, out of sight.

    She sat her things down at a table and went to fetch some books for her homework.
    Wow-o-wow-o-wow,’ she thought. ‘Malfoy. Hot. Lean. I can’t wait to see how much hotter he gets.
    She sat at the table and began her homework. Thoughts of Malfoy interfered a few times leading into long fantasies.
    After a few fantasies, far too adult for an eleven year old, she shook her head and focused solely on her homework.

    Astrid looked up in time to see Teal, Jenson, and unfortunately for her, Hermyone coming into the library. She smiled at Teal, then at Jenson as he came into view, and then bit her tongue as she saw Hermyone, attempting to keep her smile there, failing epically. A tiny scream escaped her mouth from pain, and she released her tongue from between her teeth.

    “Hey, guys! I’m almost done with my History of Magic paper. I added in a few extra sources from other books, just to make sure I start the class off with a good grade.”

    Teal and Jenson took their seats and their homework out of their own bags.

    “That’s all you have?” Hermyone asked, looking at Astrid's paper.

    What on Jupiter does that mean,’ Astrid thought angrily as she closed her books angrily. She didn’t notice Teal jump in his seat.

    “How was potions?” She kind of shouted.

    “Oh, it was simply great!” Hermyone answered as she took her own seat. “Professor Snape is quite strict, but a great professor, nonetheless, and I do believe the class will be quite challenging, so-”

    As she continued to speak Astrid slapped her hand to the side of her face and then began to drag it downwards, giving her face the appearance that it was melting.
    Don’t yell at her. Don’t yell at her,’ Astrid thought as she let out a deep breath and then opened her book again, interrupting Hermyone when she could no longer take any more of her monologue.

    “So! Let’s do some homework, shall we?” she suggested, even though she was finished with her own.

    They studied and wrote all the way until time for dinner. Astrid was staring off into space, one hand holding up her head and the other moving about lazily over the page, as she had been pretending to write for the past hour.
    Why o why did Hermyone have to come in here? Why o why is she the way she is? She definitely thinks she has to make up for something. Trying to be the smartest witch here.
    Astrid pondered that thought for a moment and looked Hermyone up and down.
    Look at her hair. All mousey and curly and tangled. Look at her shoes. Good Merlin! What is with those shoes?! Why on Jupiter would anyone wear shoes like that, voluntarily?
    Hermyone’s shoes were black tennis shoe- like. Something she’d seen muggle waitresses wear back in the states.
    Maybe she doesn’t realize those shoes are unsightly. Maybe she actually likes them and maybe she thinks they look good? Oh, gag me with a spoon! There’s no way anyone would think those shoes were Title of Show! Maybe I should hide them so she’ll be forced to buy a new pair. She’d probably end up buying the same pair. Or worse, an uglier pair!’ Astrid face showed horror as she tried to imagine an even uglier pair of shoes.
    Hermyone suddenly declared that she was finished and that they should head down for dinner, pulling Astrid out of her daze about shoes. Teal jumped, startled, and Jenson put his things away.

    When they reached the Great Hall the food was already set out on the table and a few students were already eating. Astrid walked slowly to the Slytherin table. She sat at the only available seat, which was not nearly far enough away from Pansy and her friends.

    “Glad to see you haven’t gotten stuck in that stair again,” Draco said, clearly picking on her.
    Pansy laughed her annoying high pitched laugh. “You got stuck in the stair? What kind of idiot gets stuck in the stair!?” She and her friends laughed in unison.
    Astrid tried hard not to say anything. She clutched her hands so hard that she drew blood in her palms from her fingernails. She didn’t eat much that night, she couldn’t stand to be there any longer.

    Finally, Astrid, Teal, Jenson, and of course, Hermyone left the Great Hall and went back to the library to finish off their studies. Astrid went about the aisles, browsing through the seemingly endless supply of books, mending her hands with napkins she grabbed from the Great Hall. Once she decided that her palms were clotted she stuffed the napkins in her robes and walked back toward the table.

    “I simply must talk to Professor Sprout before Herbology. I’m not feeling completely confident in my knowledge of everything we’ll be doing.” She heard Hermyone say.

    Hermyone continued to talk about school so she slipped back into one of the aisles. Teal and Jenson waved goodbye to her and Astrid made sure that she was out of sight so that she didn’t have to do the same.

    Finally,’ Astrid thought as Hermyone left the library.

    Astrid had come back to the table every so often to check on their progress.

    “Hey guys, check out this book I found. It’s about the oldest wizard, Nicholas Flammel. I’d love to interview him! Find out how he’s alive still. And if he enjoys being that old! He can’t get around all too well.”

    Astrid returned the book and pulled out another one, “Quidditch Through the Ages”. She bounced over to the table where the two boys sat. “Gosh I’d love to interview some of these people. Hey you guys might should check this book out. Learn a thing or two about Quidditch.”
    Jenson and Teal muttered a "yeah" before starting back to their work.

    Around 9 the boys finished their work. They had less than an hour before curfew, but decided to go for a stroll around the grounds. They gathered all their things together for the last time that day, and Jenson and Teal dropped off their books, and then met outside, just in front of the Entrance Hall. Astrid decided not to drop off her books, not wanting to run into any housemates. They headed to the right, Astrid pointing out Hagrid’s hut.

    “Hey look at that cute little house!” And they made their way idly around the building.

    Astrid noticed Teal staring at the Black Lake.
    “Teal, you coming?”
    Teal shook his head and said, “Yeah,” and jogged to catch up.

    “Who lives here?” Teal asked.
    “The grounds keeper, of course,” Astrid said.
    “Oh yeah. The really tall guy from the boats,” Jenson said.
    Suddenly the door opened to the hut and a very large man walked out.
    “Seeee,” Astrid muttered to Teal.
    “Hey, you kids should get back to the castle. Curfew is coming up,” and he closed the door.
    “Poop. I don’t wanna go back yet,” Astrid said.

    They walked back to the castle and said their goodbyes as they walked their different ways to their dorms. The Slytherin common was dark and cold again. Astrid went up to her dorm and on the wall behind her bed "Stupid American" was written. Astrid sighed and magicked the words to go away. She laid in the bed without changing and fell asleep clutching her fists.

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    Chapter Three Empty Continued...

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    ...and, of course, always remember that a clean cauldron is a safe cauldron.

    Jenson reread his Potions essay again, all of the way through, before sighing in contentment. Though he was still nervous about being a new resident to the wizarding world, his writing skills had not suffered unduly. In the roughly hour and a quarter that the four of them had been in the library, he had written his Potions essay, finished his Defense Against the Dark Arts essay and begun introductions for his Charms, Transfiguration and History of Magic classes. Jenson had always been a relatively good writer. If nothing else, he was passably entertaining and knew how to fluff a paper without making it an unreadable mess.

    While continuing to work on his Defense essay (or rather, while brainstorming and rearranging his notes), he glanced about the group, having tuned them out for the majority of the study session. Astrid, who had apparently either already finished all of her work or had no desire to do any actual work at the moment, was lazily tracing shapes over her parchment while absent-mindedly glaring at the top of Hermione's head. Hermione, obviously impervious to death-glares, continued to write in absolute silence. Judging from the parchments by her elbow, she had already completed at least two of her assignments and was working on finishing a third. Teal, on the other hand, seemed to be concentrating quite hard on his potions essay. While Jenson's handwriting was a bit sloppy, Teal's was quite neat by comparison and suddenly made Jenson feel sorry for the poor soul who had decipher his own essays. Teal finished his Potions essay and began working on another as Hermione suddenly sat up straight.

    "Well, that's finished!" said Hermione suddenly, closing the book she had been using. "It's about time for dinner and I, for one, am quite famished. How did everyone else do?"

    Teal, startled by her sudden exclamation, jerked his arm and drew a perfectly straight line across his parchment. He looked horrified for a brief second before shaking his head and looking slightly dejected. Jenson tried not to smile, but could not keep a straight face and quickly averted his gaze as Teal, who seemed to sense Jenson's eyes on him, looked up. Jenson, meanwhile, began to pack his things. Astrid rolled her eyes.

    "Finally," he heard her mutter under her breathe as Hermione began walking towards the door. Jenson turned to Astrid.

    "Why do you let her bother you? She's not trying to get on your nerves, that's just how she is." He stood up and motioned for she and Teal to follow, continuing. "She's obviously not as socialized as you are, so try not to be so hard on her." He grinned to show no hard feelings and shouldered his bag. "Now let's go pork out!"

    "But...I don't eat pork..." Teal muttered, fixing his bag over his shoulder. Astrid looked annoyed with Jenson as she gathered her things...


    Jenson waved a tired goodbye to Teal and Astrid at the foot of his staircase. After dinner, Hermione had gone back to the room to continue studies while Jenson, Teal and Astrid had finished their homework and, feeling especially antsy, had explored the grounds. Teal had seemed especially excited about the lake while Astrid had wanted to go meet Hagrid and talk with him about potentially interviewing him. Jenson, on the other hand, had simply been impressed with the overall beauty and mystique of the grounds and surrounding land. However, they were all exhausted and, since curfew was fast approaching, had decided to call it a night.

    "Teal, I'll see you at breakfast and lunch tomorrow. Astrid, the same plus Herbology, yay."

    They both waved solemnly as he began climbing the Ravenclaw staircase, lost in thought. Teal showed no obvious distaste towards Hermione, but Astrid's annoyance with the bushy-haired Ravenclaw was painfully obvious...well, to everyone except Hermione herself it seemed.

    Was it because they were so much alike? They were both brainy, though admittedly, Hermione was a bit more openly enthusiastic about her studies. They both were opinionated, they both seemed to have high standards for themselves and they both were highly motivated to succeed.

    Jenson was at a loss for the source of the seemingly one-sided animosity when he reached the eagle-shaped knocker of the Ravenclaw common room. Again, a sultry voice echoed from the Ravenclaw symbol.

    "I mean everything to some, and nothing to others. I can bring the strongest to his knees, yet be held by a child."

    Jenson stood for several seconds, thinking hard. That could be a number of things. If he got this wrong, would he get another shot?

    " idea?"

    Jenson swore that he could almost feel the door smiling at him.

    "Quite right," it whispered as it swung open for him to enter. As he stepped in, he saw Hermione, her head buried in a book, sitting in one of the squishy armchairs by the fire. A few older ravenclaws, but none that he recognized by name, sat at a table near the large window overlooking the grounds. Ignoring them, he sauntered over to Hermione, who appeared to be taking a break and staring into the fire.

    "Hey Hermione," Jenson said grinning, plopping down in a chair across from hers. "How's your studying going?"

    She managed to pull her gaze away from the flickering flames long enough to appear slightly startled by his sudden appearance, but she returned his smile.

    "Wonderful. It's all fascinating really. Actually," she said, raising her book from her lap to show Jenson the cover, Hogwarts, A History, "I finished my homework and studies almost an hour ago. I've been reading this since then."

    Jenson looked confused.

    "I thought that you had already read that. I was going to ask you what I should read first so I can get a better grasp of what I'm in for."

    "Oh, I have read it! It's just such an interesting read..." she trailed off, blushing as she stared back into the fire. "I suppose that I am a bit odd, aren't I? Reading like I do..."

    "No, no, no," Jenson said earnestly, sitting on the edge of his chair. "That's a wonderful attribute to have. Too many people spend their time watching television rather than reading as it is. If a few of us have to make up for their lost time, then kudos to us."

    It was hard to distinguish her blush from the firelight but, regardless, Jenson was satisfied that he had helped prevent a bout of unwarranted self-depreciation.

    "So," he continued, "do you have any suggestions? Or should I just start from the beginning?"

    "Well, obviously," she said, returning to her 'lecture' voice, "reading it in its entirety would be the best option..." she trailed off, giving him a look that was have admonishing and half amused, "...but if you're truly strapped for time, I'd recommend starting just after the founding of the school and the establishment of the four houses. That's page 112 in my edition," she said, again indicating the cover of her book.

    Jenson nodded and gazed into the fireplace, pensive. Hermione noticed his changed in demeanor.

    "What's wrong?"

    Jenson was silent for several long moments. She seemed to grow more and more nervous as the silence between was only slightly mollified by the cracking of the logs and the muffled laughter of the upperclassmen. Finally, he spoke again.

    "I was just thinking."

    "About what?"

    "Well, a lot of things actually." He turned back to her, his face just as serious as it had been the night they had been sorted. "I was thinking about my mother and much they probably missed me and how much I already miss them. I was thinking about classes and whether or not I will be able to do well here."

    "Well, you're off to a good start so far," Hermione said cheerfully. "You've already completed much of your homework and you did well in both Charms and Transfiguration."

    "But what about the culture shock? I've lived in the Southern United States as a muggle for my entire life. I am going to have to adjust to both England and the wizarding world. Not to mention, again, I am fully removed from everything I've ever known. And then, of course, there's this bickering between you and Astrid..." Jenson knew that he had made a mistake the moment he saw Hermione's expression darken.

    "Now wait just a minute here," she retorted, "I never started bickering with her, she started on me!"

    "It takes two to argue Hermione. Regardless, you both are at fault. She's too short-tempered and you, generally give people more information than they want."

    She looked offended, hurt even.

    "Oh, is that how it is?" she asked, shutting her book and standing up in a huff. "Well pardon me for trying to be helpful!" She started to walk quickly back towards the girl's staircase. By this point, the older Ravenclaw's had caught wind of the conversation and were pretending not to listen. They were quite unconvincing. Jenson, angry at both her for misinterpreting his statement and at himself for possibly ending a potentially awesome friendship, chased after her.

    "Hermione, come back! I didn't mean it in a negative way." She kept walking up the staircase without so much as glancing back at him. He keep hear a slight sniffling echo from the stairway. It broke his heart.

    Feeling dejected, Jenson slowly made his way to the male dormitories for a bath and bed, ignoring the whispering students behind him. As exciting as it had been, his first day had ended on a very sour note and he knew that sleep would not come easily that night, if it came at all.


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    Chapter Three Empty Re: Chapter Three

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    Teal’s face wavered dangerously close to his porridge, half asleep due to the time spent lying awake in bed the night before. He hadn’t cried himself to sleep, as he had done on the first night, but had so many thoughts racing through his head that drifting off was almost impossible. They’d started off with reflections of his first day at the wizarding school and soon drifted to speculations about the future.

    Edgar’s tongue darted out, slapping the first year on the cheek and keeping him from face-planting his breakfast. He would have to be sure to get plenty of sleep tonight. Thankfully, today he only had two classes. There was no way he’d be able to make it through Wednesday at half consciousness though. He just had to make it through an hour and a half of Charms -- which he suspected would be more interesting then some of his classes on the first day -- and then could take a nap until time for lunch.

    Teal went back to eating his porridge, knowing that letting it get cold would not improve the taste. He liked England so far, from what he’d seen of it -- which wasn’t much outside of Hogwarts -- but one thing he already missed about home was the food. America definitely had better food. Or maybe it was just his house. Maybe his aunt just fed him better than the rest of the world would have.

    As he shoveled the grayish slop into his mouth, Teal looked around for any signs of Astrid or Jenson. It didn’t take him long to spot Astrid, as she sat alone at the Slytherin table. Jenson, however, usually sat with the other people in his house. Teal searched the many faces at the table, but didn’t see him anywhere. He shrugged off the search, figuring maybe the Ravenclaw boy was running late again, and turned back to Astrid to give her a wave. He’d decided waves were good.


    Teal and Astrid sat beside each other when they reached the Charms classroom, surprising no one, but didn’t have much time to talk before the professor arrived. That was okay though, Teal was still very tired, and therefore not up for much conversation anyways. He’d be much more sociable after he’d taken a nap, even if his version of sociable was very one sided.

    Charms class was taught by a peculiar little man that Teal almost mistook for a goblin, like the one at Gringotts. The bank wasn’t the first time Teal had ever seen a goblin in person, though the times before had been very few and far between, as with most people outside of his house. It had been, however, the first time he’d ever gone to the bank with his godmother. She had never needed to purchase anything for him before that that she hadn’t paid for out of her own pocket, and she’d told him long ago that his parents hadn’t had much money to leave him, so it was best to save it for when they had no other options.

    Teal liked Professor Flitwick. He seemed nice, and funny in a way that Teal understood. As with all of his classes so far, Charms started out with them taking a few pages of notes. After that they moved on to learning their first charm of the year. Teal spent the entire rest of the class dancing his feather about the room. Many students took a while to get the hang of it, and some caught on pretty quickly, Astrid being one of them, but most of them were completely done with it by the end of the period. Teal, however, was once again the exception.

    After they were dismissed, Teal waved goodbye to Astrid and headed straight back to the dormitories, not even bothering to try and meet up with Jenson. Besides, he didn’t know if he’d be in class or not, and he’d certainly see him at lunch either way. His amusement with the feather had helped him to stay awake until the period ended, but now that it was over he was dropping again quickly.

    He had no trouble getting to sleep this time, and none of the other boys he shared a room with were there to disturb him or keep him awake either. All in all, it was a very successful nap. When he opened his eyes again it was fifteen minutes until time for lunch. He couldn’t have asked for a better waking time. He scooped Edgar up onto his shoulder and bounded over to the Great Hall.

    He had barely sat down, and was just beginning to scoop some raw carrots onto his plate when Astrid ambled in, her hands full of books. She dropped them on the table and then dropped her body onto the seat beside Teal.

    “The Slytherin house must have the worst schedule of all! All of our Tuesday and Thursday classes are half an hour longer than the other days, and we have four of our classes today. That’s six hours of lectures and receiving homework assignments. Six! How am I ever supposed to finish all of these assignments before Thursday?”

    “Maybe Hermeckaly could help you?” Teal suggested, crunching down on a carrot.

    “Hermione? Uh, no thanks. I’d rather get a bad grade on all of my assignments than get help from Hermy-one.”

    Teal’s eyebrows furrowed a bit. Why would Astrid want to take a bad grade on her assignments? And why did she call the Ravenclaw girl by two different names? Was she not sure of her name either? That made Teal feel better, at least.

    “What classes did you just come from?” Teal asked, his attention falling back to the books Astrid had brought with her.

    “Defense Against the Dark Arts. I was gonna take everything back to my dorm before lunch, but I was too hungry, and I have to go there after lunch to get the books for my next two classes anyways.”

    “Oh, hey,” Teal began, Astrid’s mention of the class having reminded him of his question from the day before. “Why do you think Professor Quirrell wears that funny turban?”

    “It’s probably something religious,” Astrid shrugged, stuffing a biscuit into her mouth. “Ut’s certunly not fash’nable, that’s for shew.”

    Teal took a second to comprehend what she had said through the mouth full of biscuit, then nodded his head and went back to eating. He turned his attention then to the rest of the Great Hall. He had found it odd enough that Jenson hadn’t been at breakfast, but he didn’t see him now either. Missing two meals in a row was definitely odd, especially for someone of their age.

    “Have you seen Jenson today?” Teal asked, turning back to look at the apparently starving Astrid.
Astrid began to look around the room, not finding it necessary to take a break from eating as she did so, and then finally shook her head. “No. That’s odd. I hope he’s okay. I’ve got a free period after lunch. We could go looking for him?”

    Teal shook his head.

    “I can’t. I have Transfiguration next,” he replied glumly.

    “Well...” Astrid began, pausing for a moment to think. “I have Herbology with him and Hermione at two-fifteen. If he’s not there, then I’ll... I guess I’ll ask her if she knows where he is,” she finished with a hint of disgust in her voice, obviously not wanting to communicate with the Ravenclaw girl unless she had too.

    Teal noted that Astrid had pronounced her name Her-my-nee again, and decided that this was the pronunciation he would go with until he heard someone say otherwise. He repeated the name to himself several times, attempting to brand it into his memory.

    Teal left a few minutes later, just before lunch ended, and headed to Transfiguration. The class started at the exact time that lunch ended, so there was no way he could have waited until it was over to leave. He waved goodbye to Astrid for a second time that day and told her he would see her at dinner, as her last class didn’t end until thirty minutes before then.

    As he rushed to class -- Edgar perched on his shoulder as per the frog’s usual -- Teal hoped that Jenson was okay. He knew that bad things had happened before, and that students could get suspended or expelled for any number of reasons, but surely nothing had happened on only the second day of school.

    It was probably nothing to even worry about, but either way he’d know soon enough.

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    Chapter Three Empty Re: Chapter Three

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    Astrid woke up with a pain in her jaw and hands. She looked down at her hands and noticed the blood clotted there. She assumed she had been clenching her fists and teeth all night. She slowly got out of bed and dressed in the school uniform, changing her shoes to black knee high boots. She grabbed her bag and headed for the Great Hall.

    Astrid sat down at the Slytherin table and nit picked at her food, not really feeling all that hungry. She was having a hard time being in Slytherin. The only person that was semi-nice to her was Draco and that was questionable. She signed and looked at Teal, who waved. She waved back and thought, ‘Well at least I have class with him.’ She then looked for Jenson, but she couldn't see that far away.

    Astrid noticed Teal getting up so she followed suit. They met in the entrance of the Great Hall and started on their way to Charms.
    Astrid sighed. “You probably noticed that I’m sad and upset but I don’t feel like talking about it right now. So please don’t ask any questions,” she said solemnly.
    “Oh...Okay,” Teal muttered.

    They got to Charms and sat by each other at the left table, Astrid in the left seat. They took notes and Professor Flitwick passed out feathers to everyone.
    “Repeat after me, wengardium leviosa,” Professor Flitwick instructed.
    “Wengardium leviosa,” the class repeated.
    “Very good. Now remember swish and flick,” he said demonstrating one last time.
    The class errupted with students saying, “Wengardium leviosa.”
    Astrid made her feather float on the second try. She looked around and noticed some of the other students’ feather in the air. She looked over at Teal and he said the spell and his feather floated up into the air. Astrid squealed and held up her hand for a high five. Teal mirrored her actions but not moving to her hand so she leaned forward and slapped his hand. Teal smiled unsure of what just happened but decided to go with it.

    When the bell rang Professor Flitwick assigned them to write a paper on Wengardium Levoisa. Astrid and Teal gathered their stuff and she told him that she’d see him at lunch and she headed for Defense Against the Dark Arts.

    Astrid got to class with minutes to spare. She chose a seat near the left wall in the left seat. She got out some parchment, a quill, and ink, anticipating more notes.
    A boy with raven colored hair walked in as the bell was ringing. He walked over to the only available seat, next to Astrid. She vaguely remembered him from the Sorting.
    “Hi, I’m Harry Potter,” the raven haired boy said.
    “I’m Astrid Soliel Burkeheart,” she said cheerfully, thankful for one person being nice to her (other than Teal and Jenson of course). Even if he was Gryffindor.
    “You said Harry Potter,” Astrid asked.
    Astrid thought the name sounded familiar but couldn’t place it at the moment.
    “That’s nice,” she said.
    “Not as original as yours.”
    “Thanks. My dads have pretty original names so-”
    Professor Quirrell walked in then.
    “Welcome to Defense Against the Dark Arts. My name is Professor Quirrell. Some of you may be wondering why it smells so bad in here... It’s the garlic, to keep away the vampires,” he explained with laughter. “Please take out some parchment for notes.”

    As they took notes Astrid took in the appearance of this Harry Potter. His robes were new and fitted him quite well. His hair was a mess, but it seemed as if that's just how it is and he had piercing green eyes. 'The down side to him,' she thought, 'is he seems to be arragant, full of ego, all that and a bag of potato chips.' She could tell just by the way he held himself.
    Astrid realized she was falling behind on note taking so she hurried to scribble down the rest of notes.

    The class went by swimmingly and Astrid decided that she may like Professor Quirrell. Minutes before the bell he assigned homework.
    “Read the first two chapters of the book.”
    Astrid packed up and headed for the Great Hall.

    Astrid saw Teal scooping carrots on his plate and walked in. She dropped her books on the table and then sat next to Teal.

    “The Slytherin house must have the worst schedule of all! All of our Tuesday and Thursday classes are half an hour longer than the other days, and we have four of our classes today. That’s six hours of lectures and receiving homework assignments. Six! How am I ever supposed to finish all of these assignments before Thursday?”

    “Maybe Hermeckaly could help you?” Teal suggested as he ate.

    “Hermione? Uh, no thanks. I’d rather get a bad grade on all of my assignments than get help from Hermy-one.”

    “What classes did you just come from?” Teal asked as he looked at her books.

    “Defense Against the Dark Arts. I was gonna take everything back to my dorm before lunch, but I was too hungry, and I have to go there after lunch to get the books for my next two classes anyways.”

    “Oh, hey, why do you think Professor Quirrell wears that funny turban?” He asked.

    “It’s probably something religious,” Astrid shrugged, eating a biscuit. “Ut’s certunly not fash’nable, that’s for shew.”

    “Have you seen Jenson today?” Teal asked.

    Astrid began to look around the room. “No. That’s odd. I hope he’s okay. I’ve got a free period after lunch. We could go looking for him?”

    “I can’t. I have Transfiguration next,” he replied.

    “Well...” Astrid began. “I have Herbology with him and Hermione at two-fifteen. If he’s not there, then I’ll... I guess I’ll ask her if she knows where he is,” she finished. Astrid hoped it wouldn't come to that but if that's what it took to find Jenson, she'd do it.

    After they finished eating Astrid left the Hall with Teal. Sensing he was still worried she tried to convince him that he would be in Herbology. She just hoped she was right. Teal waved by as he walked to his class. Astrid turned and headed for her dorm to get her books for her next two classes, Herbology and Potions.

    She headed up to her dorm and everything seemed to be in order as far as her stuff went. She then put up a protection spell where the other girls won't be able to physically go to her side of the room. She switched out her books and got started on her homework for Defense Against the Dark Arts. The easiest so far.

    Astrid finished the reading just in time to go to Herbology. Her thoughts back on Jenson and how he'd missed breakfast and lunch. She kept an eye out for him as she went to class. But never ran into him. She walked into the first greenhouse and Jenson wasn't there.
    'Maybe he's on the way,' she thought. But as the minutes ticked by Astrid became increasingly scared. She found Hermione and asked her if she knew why Jenson wasn't at breakfast or lunch or if she knew where he was.

    "I'm sorry, I don't know." Hermione answered.

    Finally at 2:14 Jenson walked in, looking rough. As if he didn't sleep all night or something. Astrid gasped at the sight and ran up to him.

    "Are you okay? You look rough! Teal and I were extremely worried when you didn't show up for two meals! Are you okay?"

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    Chapter Three Empty Continued...

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    Jenson awoke the next morning with an ache. Well, can someone wake up if they have yet to fall asleep? Regardless, when Jenson finally opened his eyes to get out of his bed the next day, his chest ached terribly. As a young child, he had watched the Discovery Channel for hours and hours, including hundreds of medical specials. Thus, he first began to fear a heart attack as the culprit (after all, he was quite portly and, well, his diet consisted of what could kindly be called "junk food"). But since he a) lacked the accompanying symptoms of numbness in the extremities and a sore jaw and b) was eleven years old, he wrote this off rather quickly.

    Instead, he felt that same heart ache he had felt when he had first read Where the Red Fern Grows or saw the ending to Glory. That heart-ache that starts in your chest but rises into the back of your throat and sits there, like a lump of uncooked potato. Suddenly, it hit him. His mistake. His fight with Hermione.

    His heart ached harder at the memory.

    Jenson could hear some bustled from the surrounding dormitories and, below, heard the barest whisp of voices in the Ravenclaw common room. He wondered what time it was and jolted out of bed and onto the floor before he remembered that he only had one class today, Herbology. And that would be after lunch. Well after lunch. Jenson stood up slowly, his body slowly growing accustomed to its morning tumbling routines, and glanced around for some sort of timepiece. Seeing none, he got dressed and headed down to the common room to see if Hermione was there so that he could apologize for whatever it was that he had done to hurt her feelings.

    Upon reaching the normally cozy-looking Ravenclaw common area, he was taken aback at the disarray he now found it in. Several upperclass Ravenclaws were gathered in the center of the room and making all sorts of unrowlingly racket. Of course, being curious, Jenson could not help but investigate. Lying around the group appeared to be a mixture of feathers, ashes, and various fruit rubbish. Upon reaching the crowd and glancing into the circle, Jenson was greeted with a rather astonishing sight.

    A disheveled-looking, wrinkled, bird-like thing sat in the middle of the students, pecking feebly at various vegetation around it. Astonishly, it appeared to be smoldering and, even as Jenson watched, began to swell in size and morph its shape until it grew into a beautifully plumaged bird about the size of a large peacock. It shone with a vibrant mixture of reds, oranges, gold, greens and even what appeared to be some shades of blue. Jenson was not sure he had ever beheld such a beautiful sight. Without warning, it gave a longing, sorrowful cry and burst into flames.

    "No!" Jenson shouted, unable to contain himself as he started forward, desperate to save the poor creature. A tallish, dark-haired boy with stylish glasses and a remarkably prominent dimple in his chin put a hand on his shoulder.

    "Just wait a moment, mate. That's normal." Jenson, noticing a shiny badge with a "P" engraved on it pinned to the boy's chest, identical to Penelope Clearwater's, hoped that he knew what he was talking about as he watched the tragically beautiful animal reduce to ashes before his eyes. He felt that lump in his throat, already induced by his problems with Hermione, threaten to choke him as he stifled a sob.

    Wait, what was that? he thought as he noticed the ashes shifting. As he continued to watch, another chick, identical to the one he had walked in upon, shook some ashes from its ruffled feathers and began, again, to peck feebly at the food laid about it.

    "It's actually a transfigured simulation of the life-cycle of a phoenix. It's one of our seventh-year's pet projects," said the prefect boy, turning to Jenson with an open hand. "I'm Robert Hilliard, by the way. I believe we have yet to meet."

    Jenson was too much in shock and awe to point out that, in fact, they met several moments ago and that his assertion was not quite correct. He felt that antagonizing a prefect on his second day would not be conducive towards a pleasant first year.

    Stop trying to make your life more difficult than it needs to be, you douche. Jenson shook the boys hand warily. "I'm Jenson, Jenson Shirey. I'm a first-year."

    Hilliard looked immediately more interested. "Oh, are you the American? We had several of them this year, I heard. But only one of them was sorted into Ravenclaw."

    Jenson nodded as a few in the group looked up briefly to acknowledge him, give him a once over, and then turn their attention back to the once-again exploding phoenix simulation.

    "That's me. Um, by the way, did you see a bushy-haired girl come through here by any chance?"

    Robert's face crinkled in thought, making his chin pucker in a way that would have been quite comical to Jenson if he had not felt so emotionally exhausted. He had not slept well last night, either, so he could only imagine what he actually looked like at this point - uncombed hair, dark circles under his eyes, his glasses probably sitting crookedly on his ears.

    "You know," started Robert, coming out of think-tank mode, "I do remember a large-haired girl coming through here unaturally early. She was muttering to herself something about 'tactless prats' and studying in the library."

    Jenson's heart sank even further. He had hoped that a night's rest would have made her more apt to accept his apology. Ah, now two people are mad at me... he thought, remembering Astrid slight chilliness towards him the previous night. Though she had had mentioned it the rest of hte evening, he sensed that she might be holding a grudge against him for his comment on her and Hermione's relationship.
    What a great way to start off the school year. Made a few friends and alienate over half of them with 48 hours. Then again, what was it he had said to Hermione only two nights before? They weren't really friends quite yet?

    Regretful, Jenson set out towards the library, intending to meet Astrid and Teal at lunch since, according to a nearby wall clock, breakfast had been over for at least and hour. Will anything go right today?


    Jenson did not expect the library to be very busy this early on a Tuesday morning...and he was not disappointed. The librarian, Madam Pince if he remembered from yesterday, was a very shrewd-looking woman who looked as likely disembowel you as to lecture you for mutilating her precious books. As he entered, she gave Jenson a look of utmost disapproval (probably for not having dressed to the nines for his visit to the library) before signing him in and ushering him past her.

    Now that he had a chance to explore the library while searching for hermione, Jenson began to realize just how huge the library was. Apparently, they were in the base of the astronomy tower and, according to Hermione's reading of Hogwarts, A History, it had rooms and secret passages leading all of the way to the topmost floor of the tower. He desperately hoped that she was not hidden somewhere in the top floors.

    His hopes appeared to be well founded when, after about 30 or so minutes, he discovered Hermione sitting alone at one of the many study tables situated between the bookshelves. Between the tower's behemoths of mystical knowledge, she hunched over a book, alternating between reading and writing on a sheet of parchment at her elbow. She appeared not to notice him as he approached, so he opted to go for the direct approach.


    He noticed an immediate hitch in her quillmenship, but then she resumed as if he had never spoken at all.

    "Hermione, look, I'm sorry about last night. I don't think you're annoying at all..."

    Hermione glared up at him, standing from her chair and putting down her quill hard enough to puncture a hole in her parchment.

    "Oh, annoying now, is it? Last night I was a know-it-all busy-body and now I am annoying everyone?!" Her face was flushed, whether from anger or embarrassment Jenson could not tell, and her hair bounced in what would have been a comical way if he had not been so distraught by her reaction. Why could she not be reasonable?

    "Hermione..." Jenson began, struggling to keep his cool. What began as heartache was quickly working its way to frustration. And one of Jenson's biggest character flaws was about to make an appearance if he did not end this confrontation soon. "Hermione, that's not what I meant. I only meant that some people may take your help the wrong way. They might think that you are trying to outshine them. It's not any fault of yours, it's just a feeling of inadequacy that people feel when you show how brilliant you are. That's all I meant!" Jenson finished in a rush. "I've already apologized for accidentally hurting your feelings, which was not my intention at all," by this point, her glare had softened and she had averted her eyes to the table, her hair hiding her expression from view while he finished, "but this is all I can do. I hope that you will accept my heartfelt apology. I'd like to remain on good terms with you, Hermione, even friends hopefully."

    Jenson took a deep breath to calm his racing heart as he ended his fervent monologue. Hermione, her gaze still turned to the table, slowly slipped back into her seat. For over half a minute, he stood there waiting for a response. When it appeared that there was no such thing forthcoming, he solemnly turned and left, trying to ignore the pain in his stomach and the sniffling behind him.


    After his miserable failure to patch things up with Hermione, Jenson was in no mood for lunch, even one as delicious as the Hogwarts kitchen's concoctions. Instead, Jenson made his way back to the Ravenclaw dormitory and, after several attempts to answer the eagle's riddle, managed to correctly guess, "My shadow". After ignoring the smaller groups of Ravenclaws dispersed throughout the room, he trudged up to his bed, surprised to find the room empty. He collapsed face down, hardly caring if he woke up in time to go to Herbology...


    "Hey, Jenson. Herbology is in 15 minutes, mate. You can't skip the first class of your first year."

    Jenson struggled to shake himself awake, recognizing the voice as...

    "Anthony," Jenson groaned at Anthony Goldstein, who stared down at him, a concerned look on his face. "Wha-?"

    Anthony shook his hand and offered Jenson a hand, who took it gratefully and hefted himself up onto his feet, rubbing the sleep from his eyes. He glanced around for his bag, spotting it just at the foot of his bed. Shouldering it quickly, he motioned back to Anthony.

    "Let's get going. And Anthony-?"




    Jenson and Anthony managed to waltz into class with a minute to spare. Since Anthony already had plans to meet two other Ravenclaws for group work, they split from there, but not before Jenson thanked him again for his help. Astrid, looking both frantic and excited at the same time, sprinted towards him and Jenson was unsure is she was going to hug him or strike him. She seemed to meet halfway by tugging on her own hair on both sides of her head while whispering loudly, "Are you okay? You look rough! Teal and I were extremely worried when you didn't show up for two meals! Are you okay?"

    Her rapid-fire questioning served to both make Jenson feel more welcome and missed, but it also made him feel awful for not thinking about how his new...friends... might take his disappearance.

    "I'm sorry to worry you Astrid, I just had this fight with He-Hermione?" His explanation turned to a question as she appeared at his side, he having completely forgotten that she would share this class with him as a fellow Ravenclaw. Astrid appeared to be all the more annoyed by both Hermione's appearance and her interruption of Astrid's and Jenson's conversation.

    "Can we help you?" Astrid asked, sarcasm laid thick and deep in her voice. Hermione, either taking what Jenson had said to heart or, just as likely perhaps, distracted by her own thoughts, turned to Astrid.

    "I'm so sorry, but I need to speak to Jenson for a moment. Thirty seconds, tops. After that, I won't say another word all class...unless the professor calls on me of course..." she finished, her face reddening at her final admission. Astrid, apparently locked in an internal struggle, finally said, "Oh, all right then. But after that, I get to talk to him, comprende?" Hermione nodded solemnly and motioned for Jenson to follow her about ten feet away.

    Professor Grubbyplank was late, so there was no one to interrupt their conversation.

    "Jenson," she said, "I want to apologize for losing my temper with you." The tension in Jenson's stomach began to unknot. "I shouldn't have said those things to you, and I shouldn't have taken your comments as ad hominem attacks. It was unfair to both you and me. Can you forgive me?"

    Jenson's relief must have been evident on his face because the moment he opened his mouth to tell her that all was forgiven and that he was simply happy to have her back as a friend, she hugged him hard enough to crack his back.

    "Hey!" Came Astrid's cry of outrage, right on cue. As Hermione released Jenson, he gave her a smile and whispered, "Thanks Hermione," before turning his attention back to Astrid.

    "I'm sorry Astrid. We just had a bit of a...what would you call it?"

    "A tiff, really." Hermione said quietly before Astrid gave her a look and she remembered her promise of silence. With a good-natured smile, she sat at the table Astrid had chosen leaving a space between the two of them for Jenson. Astrid, turning her attention back to Jenson, gave him a questioning look, so Jenson, noticing Professor Grubbyplank finally entering the back of the classroom, promised her, "I'll tell you after class. I promise," before taking his seat. Astrid cursed her misfortune rather loudly and took her seat beside Jenson.

    "Don't forget, you owe me Jenson. So this had better be a super-amazing stupendous story for getting me all worked up over it."

    Jenson suddenly developed a case of performance anxiety.

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    Chapter Three Empty Re: Chapter Three

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    Astrid tried to concentrate on Herbology but was failing epically. She was worried about Jenson and pissed off at Hermione. She wondered what the fight between them was about and she wondered what she had said to him before class. She looked over at Jenson and saw that he was concentrating on the lesson. She looked over at Hermione who appeared to be listening as well.
    'I just don't understand. Why does Jenson like her? She's clearly proven to be a rude girl. Getting into a fight with Jenson...I can't believe she'd yell at him! I wonder what they were arguing about. It must have been something terrible since it made Jenson miss breakfast and lunch! I hope Hermione can hear his stomach rumble with hunger. I hope she feels super bad about what she did to him. I'm going to have to have a talk with that girl!'
    The professor's voice brought Astrid back to reality and she realized that she'd been staring at Hermione for quite some time. Astrid shook her head and the professor told them their homework.
    "And next class will be much more fun! We'll actually be getting our hands dirty!"
    Astrid thought she was getting way too excited about plants and had to stifle laugh, imagining her kissing plants.
    The bell rang and Astrid walked out with Jenson.
    "Now spill please. What's been going on?"
    Jenson hurriedly explained that Hermione took what he had said the wrong way and how it killed him that she was upset and wouldn't accept his apology.
    "Well, I'll just have to have a chat with her," Astrid interrupted him.
    Jenson panicked and reached out ot stop Astrid, resulting in him grabbing her left boob. They stood there for a moment staring at each other, not sure what to do.
    "That's your boob, isn't it?" Jenson asked after a second.
    "Well it certainly isn't my elbow," Astrid said slowly, confused.
    Confusion and slight embarrassment was written all over Jenson's face as he opened his hand to let her go. They stood there a moment more, his hand still open out in front of him, cenimeters from where it just was.
    "I'm gonna- Potions now," Astrid said, not forming complete sentences.
    "K, bye."
    And they quickly walked their different ways.

    Astrid arrived at Potions and claimed a seat to the left of the class room, in the left seat. She took out her supplies, still thinking about what had just happened with Jenson. She wasn't sure why it bothered her so much, or even if it did. It was awkward and weird, that's for sure. Astrid saw the chair beside her move. She looked over and saw Harry sitting down.
    "Hey Astrid."
    "Sup," she replied.
    "So to continue our conversation from Charms..."
    "Okay," Astrid said, not realizing there was a conversation to continue.
    "So you have two dads?"
    "Yup. Eli and Anson."
    "Wait, Eli Burkeheart? From the Chudley Cannons?"
    "That'd be the one."
    "Wow. That's pretty awesome," he cooed.
    "Pretty much," she agreed.
    Harry sat back in his chair, slightly crooked, legs crossed at the ankles, and his arms crossed, with a smile as if to say "I may be eleven, but I've got swag. 'Sup, baby?"
    Astrid smiled politely back but did a mental eye roll at him.
    A door slammed and in walked the potions master.
    "I am Professor Snape. I don't put up with any nonsense in my class. We don't want to blow up the school, do we?" he said with the faintest trace of a smile. He waved his wand at the chalk board and notes appeared. "Please copy down the notes on the board."
    As they worked Harry whispered, "My dad said that he was a right git in school."
    "Who," she asked.
    "Professor Snape."
    Astrid sucked on her sugar quill trying to remember why Harry's name sounded familiar. And it hit her. Her dads had talked about his dad and how he was the git in school. Picking on Snape with his friends for no apparent reason.
    "Astrid," Harry said seeing her eyes glazed over.
    "No talking. Ten points from Gryffindor, Mr. Potter." Snape said, Harry's name laced with venom.
    'Poor Snape-y,' Astrid thought.
    The rest of class consisted of note taking and an outrageous homework assignment.
    The bell rang and Astrid walked out with Harry on her heels.
    "Shall I walk you to your dorm?"
    "No thank you. I'm meeting my friends," Astrid replied.
    "Next time, then?"
    "Yea, maybe." She said walking away.
    'Now to actually find said friends.'

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    Chapter Three Empty Re: Chapter Three

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    Transfiguration had proven to be Teal’s most difficult class thus far. He had tried his hardest the entire class to turn his his match into a needle, as Professor McGonagall had instructed of them, but he couldn’t quite get it. By the end of class the only thing he had managed to do was turn the tiny piece of wood silver. He thought it looked a little thinner too, but he couldn’t be sure.

    Up until this point, everything he had done in his classes had come rather naturally to him. Granted, most of it was just taking notes, but still. He hadn’t struggled this much with something in a class yet. With a sigh of disappointment he gathered his things and headed out for the Hufflepuff common room. He had almost two hours before Astrid and Jenson would get out of their next class, and he wasn’t sure if they had another class right after that or not.

    Teal took his time, ambling through the halls of the castle. He had to figure out what he was going to do for the next little while. He’d already gotten his much needed nap earlier, so he wouldn’t need to worry about sleep until it was time for them to be in bed tonight. He pulled himself out of his ponderings for a moment to check where he was. He had been moving on autopilot, though in the right general direction, and now found himself in the kitchen.

    Not realizing that most people would be offended by him having a frog in a kitchen, Teal continued through the room at a leisurely pace with Edgar sitting on his shoulder, observing everything he passed. The Fat Friar soared through the wall in front of him and out through its parallel counterpart.

    “Out!” screamed a high pitched voice from behind Teal. “Out!”

    Teal turned around to see what he instantly recognized to be a house elf running his way. The elf appeared to be a female, but Teal wasn’t certain. The male and female house elves were usually hard to tell apart. Either way, she was running towards him, waving her arms as she screamed.

    “Out! We can not have frogs in the kitchen!”

    Teal scurried along quickly as the tiny house elf chased him out of the kitchen. He hadn’t realized that Hogwarts had house elves working for them. Did they only work in the kitchen, or other places too? He pushed the thought from his mind for the time being as he neared the entrance to the Hufflepuff common room. He walked over to the correct barrel and tapped on it five times in the pattern that their prefect had shown them. The barrel swung open like a door and Teal crawled inside.

    Not having decided what he was going to do to pass the time yet, he got started on his charms assignment, which was coincidentally an essay about the difference between Charms and Transfiguration. He breezed through the work, at least in comparison to his classes from the day before. Then again, he had had far much more work between those four classes than he did between the two today.

    He finished Professor Flitwick’s assignment for their next class by about a quarter until three and decided to head outside to do his reading for Transfiguration. As amazing as the Hogwarts castle was, Teal was used to spending more time outside than he had gotten to since he arrived. He made his way out to the grounds and found a nice tree near the lake, then promptly turned and sat against its trunk.

    It was beginning to get cold outside, being the beginning of September and all, but it was warm enough for now that the experience was still enjoyable. This thought crossed Teal’s mind and he was happy that he had decided to study here, as he didn’t know how much longer he’d have to do so comfortably this term. Not to mention, from what his godmother had told him, Hogwarts got snow almost every winter. As much as Teal liked the snow, he hated frostbite.

    After a few moments of simply taking in his surroundings, Teal got to reading in his Transfiguration book. He zoomed through the section they had been assigned to read, then read back through it a second time, attempting to look for any hint or clue that might help him in the class. His godmother had told him that certain types of magic came easier to some witches and wizards than others, but that didn’t stop him from wanting to do well in all of his classes.

    Finding nothing that he thought would assist him, Teal let out a sigh and closed the book. He rested his head against the tree, turning to look out at the lake as he did so. There was a small splash somewhere in the distance and Teal strained his eyes to attempt to see its source. A few seconds later a large tentacle surfaced and then quickly resubmerged.

    A smile played across Teal’s lips. His godmother had told him about the giant squid that lived in the lake, and how it would, on occasion, come up towards the shore to interact with the students, and sometimes even help those who found themselves in a watery peril. Teal knew he’d just caught his first glimpse of the hexapedal hero.

    Teal soon found himself wandering what it would be like to explore the depths of the lake with the giant squid. He knew that there were dangerous creatures in the lake as well, but from what he had been told, most of them were further out, and surely it was just a matter of learning to avoid and defend himself from them. And that’s when the idea struck him.

    Teal pulled out one of the blank pieces of parchment he had brought down to the lake with him for taking notes, in case he had needed to while reading. He pulled out his quill from the inside pocket of his robe and the tiny jar of ink he had brought for the same purpose. Then, without further contemplation, Teal dipped his quill into the ink and began to scribble out a letter to his godmother.

    He knew what he wanted for Christmas.

    Teal was so wrapped up in writing his letter that he didn’t even notice Jenson and Hermione trudging across the lawn towards him until his name was called.

    “Teal, what’s up?” Jenson called as he approached. Teal lifted his head quickly, not having realized until that moment that he was caught up in his own world.

    “Oh, hey Jenson. Hey Hermione.” He turned back to Jenson. “You missed lunch,” he said shortly, as if Jenson wasn’t already aware. “And breakfast.”

    “Oh, yeah. It was Hermione’s fault,” Jenson said jokingly, but the jest was lost on both of his companions, as Teal lowered his eyebrows in confusion and Hermione took a sudden breath, attempting not to cry. “It... I was just joking, Hermione. I didn’t really mean- It was me. It was my fault,” Jenson quickly corrected, clearing up the situation for everyone.

    Teal smiled a little, not understanding the joke but now knowing that it was polite to make Jenson think it was funny nonetheless. At least that was what Astrid had told him. This was, in fact, one of the many things that Astrid had already taught him in her “mission to synchronize him with the rest of the social world.” Teal didn’t completely understand what that meant, but he had gratefully accepted her offer anyways, figuring it could only serve him well.

    “What are you writing, Teal?” Jenson asked as the taller boy went back to his letter.

    “A letter to my godmother,” he answered, not lifting his eyes from the page. He was almost done with it, as it was. “Wanna go with me to take it to the Owlery?”

    “Sure!” Jenson replied. “I need to write my mom and brother anyways.”

    “I’d love to come as well,” Hermione added, possibly fearing she’d be left out.

    “Okay,” Teal returned, finishing the last sentence of his letter and then signing his name at the bottom. He folded the paper carefully and returned his quill and ink bottle back to his robes, then jumped to his feet and headed for the Owlery, Jenson and Hermione following closely behind.

    Somewhere along the way Hermione took the lead, walking much faster than most girls her size, at least from what Teal had seen in his time at the school. They arrived at the room and Teal opened his mouth in an awe-filled smile. He had never seen so many owls in his life. Much less in one place. They were perched about the room, filling up almost every inch of the walls and ceiling.

    The sight was amazing, but the smell, however, was not. Teal’s nose quickly directed him to the floor of the Owlery, which was covered in bird droppings and small pieces of discarded food. He pulled his shirt up over his nose and went in search of the right owl, while Jenson and Hermione began writing their own letters.

    Once they had all sent their letters out with an owl, Jenson sending his with Ezra, the three students headed back down stairs and made their way to the Great Hall for dinner. Astrid was already awaiting them there, along with half of the other Hogwarts students and teachers. They sat down to eat as the food appeared, Jenson and Hermione at the Ravenclaw table, and Teal and Astrid at the Hufflepuff.

    It had barely been two days since they had arrived, but it already felt like so much longer. Perhaps it was the anxiousness of finding all their classes and figuring out how everything worked at the school. Either way, Teal was already much more glad to be here than he had on their first night...


    The term began to speed by after that. Now that they were beginning to get used to their schedules, things moved much more quickly. Even the boring classes seemed to pass faster, and though Transfiguration wasn’t getting any easier, Teal didn’t get as frustrated about not being able to catch on as quickly as the other students.

    Friday night brought their first Astronomy class, which started at midnight and lasted until 1:30. Professor Sinistra passed out charts of the stars, with which they were required to decipher their horoscopes, and then sent them off with the task of memorizing several of the constellations. Astrid seemed to be much more interested in the class than any of the other three, even though Hermione did raise her hand enthusiastically for every question.

    The next morning they found themselves in their first flying class of the year. Madame Hooch was present to instruct them. Teal, who flew around on his broom at home all the time, was more than comfortable with his feet off the ground. At one point he even laid down on his broom, watching the others attempt to kick off and smiling as Madame Hooch praised him for his natural talent.

    Astrid, however, was in an entirely different boat.

    “Go up, girl!” Madame Hooch demanded as Astrid stood with her broom between her legs, her knees wobbling something fierce. She shook her head furiously, too afraid to lift her feet. “You have to leave the ground in order to pass the class!”

    This seemed to give Astrid the push she needed, as she held her breath and quickly picked her feet up off the ground for a grand total of three seconds. Madame Hooch let out a sigh of relief and walked over to the next student as Astrid began to slip slowly until she was hanging upside down from her broom, screaming the entire time. She finally dropped her feet back to the ground and slowly pulled herself back up. Some of the other Slytherin girls were pointing and laughing at her. Teal didn’t like them very much.

    He turned his head to the other side, not wanting to look at them any more, and spotted Neville, who wasn’t doing much better than Astrid. Teal had introduced himself to Neville in their last Herbology class, thinking he might want someone to sit by, as none of the other Gryffindors seemed to care for him. It took them most of the class to get to the point where their conversations were more than a compilation of awkward silences, but after that they had started to spend time together outside of class as well, though not nearly as much as he did with Astrid and Jenson.

    Teal slowly maneuvered his broom over to Neville, watching him like he would a skittish animal: staying quiet and making sure that Neville saw him before he got there.

    “Hey, Nev,” Teal said as he came to a mid-air stop beside the Gryffindor boy.

    “Mm... hey,” he replied, his eyes glued to the ground as he attempted to keep his feet off of it for more than the period of a jump.

    “What are you thinking?” Teal asked, resting his chin on the back of his hand.

    “I’m thinking... this is... hard!” Neville replied with a mighty leap, that hovered only a fraction of a second longer than normal. Teal thought for a second, trying to think of what to tell him. Flying came easy to him, but he had also been doing it almost since he could walk. It wasn’t even something he had to think about any more, so telling someone else what to think about required some pondering on his part.

    “Why don’t you try... looking at the sky instead?” Teal suggested. “That’s where you want to go. Not back to the ground. And then, instead of thinking about how hard it is, try telling yourself you can do it...” Neville looked up at the sky and pushed up again. Nothing changed.

    Teal was suddenly reminded of a nest of baby birds he’d found back at home one time. The birds had just reached the age where they had to learn to fly. Though some of them had gotten the hang of it rather quickly, others had been so scared to try that it took several days before they could finally leave. But that’s why the mother left them, because if she didn’t, they would have spent their whole life in that nest: dependent on her and never learning to do what they were made to do.

    “You can do it, Neville. You just have to believe in yourself. Once you do that, the broom will believe in you too.”

    Without another word, Teal turned around and drifted back to his spot beside Astrid. He turned back after a second to watch Neville, not wanting him to know he was doing so. Neville was staring down at his feet again. He closed his eyes, took a few deep breaths, and then looked back up at the sky. With one last giant inhale, Neville pushed off and flew up into the air.

    Madame Hooch turned and opened her mouth in surprise, then quickly began to applaud Neville for his excellent execution. Neville, who couldn’t stop grinning, looked down at Teal and gave him an impossibly bigger smile, then slowly lowered himself back down to the ground. Some of the other students were staring at him the way they had stared at Teal when he’d first hopped up onto his broom: some happy for him and with a sense of approval, but most full of jealousy.

    After resuming to his place in the line of students, Teal sat up on his broom, then quickly stepped up so that he was standing on top of it nonchalantly, as if it weren’t a slender piece of wood. He had just realized that he hadn’t looked over at Jenson since the class had started, and was eager to see how he was doing. Now that he could see easily over the other first years, Teal peered around until his eyes caught sight of that unmistakable head.

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    Chapter Three Empty continued...

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    Jenson walked quickly down the hall in the direction of the Ravenclaw Dormitory. If his face was not as red as a traffic
    light, then greater magic than he could comprehend was at work here. His physical faux pas with Astrid left him slightly
    shaken. What sort of monster must she think him to be, now?


    Jenson narrowly avoided a collision as he looked up to find Hermione waiting for him in the hallway. Other students milled about, so she had stepped aside so as to avoid creating a traffic jam.

    She must have passed by me and Astrid to avoid annoying her further, Jenson thought to himself, impressed with her initiative. Jenson appreciated her attempts to smooth things out between her and Astrid, especially since it meant that Hermione had taken what he said to heart. His stomach gurgled in a mixture of hunger and an emotion he did not recognize.

    "Hey yourself, Hermione. Were you waiting just for me?"

    She appeared a bit embarrassed, but smiled back, regardless. "Yes. I just wanted to make sure that we were on good terms again."

    Jenson's grin was on the verge of bisecting his already PacMan-shaped noggin, so he tried to tone it down for fear that he looked slightly insane.

    "Absolutely we are. It's good to have you back Hermione. Do, uh, do you want to go look for Teal with me?" Jenson had not seen Teal all day either, so he wanted to let the boy know that he was, indeed, alive. Also, he missed the shy kid. With people he seemed to feel comfortable with, like Jenson and Astrid (and Hermione?), Teal produced a very calming presence.

    "Sure. Do you know where he might be?"

    "Well, we had probably better check outside first...just so we don't break curfew looking for him." Jenson said looking out of a window.


    After a very quick search on the grounds, Jenson stumbled upon Teal by a lakeside tree, almost literally. He was slumped back against the smooth bark, writing on a slip of parchment just bigger than his hand.

    "Teal, what's up?" Teal's head jerked up quickly, indicating that they had completely interrupted his journey within himself.

    "Oh, hey Jenson. Hey Hermione. You missed lunch," he said matter-of-factly, training his gaze on Jenson, "and breakfast."

    Jenson had to smile at the way that Teal announced his absence, like it was a news bulletin that Jenson had somehow missed.

    "Oh, yeah," Jenson said with an air of regret, "It was Hermione's fault." Though he was joking, the effect was immediate.

    Teal's expression turned quite serious while Hermione released a very hurt noise, as if one the verge of tears. Jenson initiated immediate damage control. "It...I was just joking, Hermione. I didn't really mean- It was me. It was my fault," he said quickly, shooting an apologetic look to Hermione.

    Afterwards, Teal explained that he was writing to his godmother and invited them to accompany him to the Owlery, which they accepted eagerly. Teal carefully folded his letter and slipped it into his satchel and he, Jenson, and Hermione made their way to the Owlery. Jenson was excited to see Ezra again and send some mail home to his family. How would they react to Owl Post?

    Hermione seemed to know exactly where she was going, so she eventually pulled ahead to lead the way, Leaving Teal and Jenson to walk side-by-side a few feet behind. Teal, not to Jenson's surprise, did not pester him about his missing breakfast and lunch. Teal seemed to weigh everything he said and did very carefully and seemed to think that, since Jenson's absence did not result in any obvious physical or emotional trauma, it was not his place to ask about it. How different Teal and Astrid are, Jenson marveled.

    Reaching the Owlery, Teal whipped out his letter and an assortment of mail-room supplies, including envelopes and stamps, and began packaging his letter for transport. Jenson began writing a letter to his mother and Jason, wishing he had picture to send along with the description. Hermione, likewise, wrote a short letter to her parents. They both waited for Jenson to finish before they (borrowing a few of Teal's envelopes) slipped their letter onto their respective owls' legs and let them soar into the sky, slightly silhouetted by the setting sun. Before departing, Ezra nipped Jenson's finger gently. A lump grew in his throat as she took off after the other two owls, sailing effortlessly from the tall tower into the sherbert sky.


    The rest of the week seemed to pass quickly for Jenson. Since he had finished all of his homework almost a week early, he had nothing to keep him distracted during Astronomy class (which quickly became boring once he realized that, other than navigation, it served no useful purpose to Jenson). But Saturday's flying lessons were a different story.

    Jenson could be said to have a certain fear, not irrational in any way. He did not have a fear of heights, per se. He did not even fear falling, though the sensation left him feeling rather queasy. No, what Jenson feared was that sudden stop at the end of that long fall, the one that made your insides your outsides. Regardless of how safe Madam Hooch assured them that they all were, as Jenson stood nervously beside his broom alongside Hermione and the other ravenclaws, he could not help but imagine that any one of them might be spending the rest of the next week in the Hospital wing with Madam Pomphery. I wonder if recreating a human spine is possible with magic? he thought to himself. If so, he would feel a little better about all of this broomstick flying and whatnot.

    At least he was not the only nervous-looking one. Hermione, several other ravenclaw first-years, Astrid, some short and pudgy Hufflepuff kid, and even the normally smug Malfoy boy looked a tad green in the gills, so to speak. Anthony Goldstein, the Potter boy and, surprisingly, Teal appeared to be at perfect ease, even bored.

    After preliminary instructions on commanding a broomstick, their practicals began. Standing beside his broom, Jenson steeled his nerves, trying to ignore all of the other students' attempts.

    "Up!" he shouted, his voice equal parts demand and request. In response, his broom handle jerked up off of the ground hard enough to pop his hand smartly, leaving both a nasty whelp and a series of not-so-muttered psuedo-curses from the young ravenclaw. He shot a look around the area to see if anyone had noticed his failed attempt, but luckily, while it had been spectacular, everyone else seemed to be busy with their own failed/successful attempts.

    Some, like Teal, managed to not only properly call up and mount their broomsticks, but they were already levitating several feet off of the round. Whether they were experienced or just naturally talented, Jenson did not know, but he felt a stab of envy. The Potter boy was spinning slowly in a circle, smiling all the way. Teal, on the other hand, just sat cross-legged on his broomstick, watching the other students' attempts. Jenson's eyes darted to Hermione, who's broom had not budged an inch, and then to Astrid. Astrid had successfully mounted her broomstick, but her feet had not left the grassy earth. She looked absolutely terrified, which was so out of character for her normally brash, eccentrically excitable self that Jenson felt an immense wave of pity for her. Jenson was not particularly excited to fly through the air outside the safety of a jet, but Astrid's fear was almost palpable, even from this distance.

    Shaking his head, Jenson turned his attention back to his own predicament. Was it possible that he was being too...commanding? Maybe the broom took offense at his tone and attempted to teach him a lesson in manners. It was worth a try. Please?.


    Not much slower than before, but much more controlled, Jenson's broom popped up into his hand perfectly, the smooth varnish feeling warm to the touch. Excitedly, Jenson looked around to see if anyone else had noticed his success. Though Hermione was still consumed in her own attempts, both Anthony Goldstein and Teal noticed. While Anthony applauded him silently, seated atop his broom like a polo player on a horse, Teal gave him a genuine smile, showing the great majority of the teeth in his head. Though Anthony seemed perfectly at ease on his broomstick, Teal, who was now standing on his broom, looked like bird in a tree - perfectly at home and ready to take flight at a moments notice.

    Now What? he thought to himself. He looked around and noticed that several others had also reached this point in their trials, though most of the other other students' broomsticks simply floundered around on the ground. Taking a cue from Neville, whom Jenson had seen take off, surprisingly, a few moments before, he mounted the broom and, taking a deep breath, willed his broom to rise beneath him. The handle, still warmer to the touch than it naturally should have been, grew warmer still and his feet lost contact with the greenery as the broom lifted him three or four feet off of the ground.

    Though excited by his success, he grew more nervous the further he rose and his will to rise quickly turned into a simple desire to stay afloat. Beside him, Hermione finally noticed his success, having just caused her broom to lift a foot or so off of the ground before flopping back down out of reach.

    "How did you do that?" she hissed quietly, her voice both approving and envious.

    He grinned back. "You have to be polite, but really mean it. It knows." Hermione looked very annoyed by his answer.

    "What do you mean, 'it knows'? It's a broomstick."

    Jenson shrugged. "Whatever the enchantment is that is in it must be able to understand both your intention and your will.

    If you're too demanding, like I was, " he showed her his hand, which now sported a large purple bruise, causing Hermione to wince, "then it will become uncontrollable. But if you are polite, and firm, it will do what you ask...if it can, of course."

    Hermione arched an eyebrow. "How could you know any of that?"

    Jenson shrugged and laughed. "I don't. It's just a guess." He floated back down, landing gently next to her as Madam Hooch began gathering up the students. Flying lessons were nearly over for the day.


    Classes were speeding up now as many of the professors went from note-taking all period to actual, practical magical application.
    In charms, they were learning how to levitate objects ("Le-vi-o-sa, not le-vi-o-sa as Hermione liked to quip, much to Astrid's chagrin) and how to turn cups into thimbles. Jenson managed to swell his cup to the size of a bowler cap before successfully shrinking his and converting into a silvery thumb-cap. Teal, on the other hand, managed to turn his into an ice-sculpture of a boot. Hermione managed her's by the end of their second session (the first to do so) and Astrid...

    "What exactly is that? " Jenson asked, scratching his head.

    "Whatever it is, it appears to be leaking," pointed out Hermione.

    "..." was Astrid's only response.

    "I think it just winked at me," murmured Teal.

    Professor Snape, by their second class and onward, had them brew or continue brewing a new potion every week, much to Teal's displeasure and Jenson's unease as Teal was a slow reader with the instructions and Jenson discovered that potion instructions were finicky at best and vague at the worst. Hermione and Astrid, Astrid in particular, almost relished in the opportunity to brew new potions, turning it into a contest between the two of them. Snape would almost always praise Astrid over Hermione, even if their potions results were identical, but that was to be expected since Snape was the Head of
    Slytherin House.

    Professor Sprout had them elbow deep in dragon dung for fertilizing her Devil's Snares. Professor Quirrell, on the other hand, had them reading and analyzing accounts of famous witches and wizards and their battling of the dark arts. One story, of a Mr. Rupert Ballywather, involved him single-handedly subduing a manticore (though, as Professor Quirrell reminded them, he was extremely fortunate that the manticore in question had intense diarrhea during their confrontation).

    Professor Binns continued their note-taking sessions and Jenson had yet to make it an entire class without at least daydreaming through half of it. And astronomy, at least to Jenson, was Snoresville, England, the world capital of boredom and tedium.

    "At least Professor Binns brings up giant battles and troll rebellions every once in a while," he complained to Astrid, Teal, Hermione and anyone who would listen.

    Halloween, which was quite the spectacle (having actual ghosts and house-sized jack-o-lanterns made for an excellent atmosphere), was more of an actual holiday than he was used to. In the states, it was just a commercialized event for selling candy and bad slasher-movies, but here...

    "Isn't Halloween the best day ever?!" Astrid squealed with a giggle as she admired the various decorations in the Great Hall. Her outfit looked as if it had been picked out for her by Tim Burton and Fransisco Costa which, combined with her witch's robe, made her really stand out amongst the other students. Hermione's parents had apparently not let her celebrate Halloween with any real extravagance, them being dentists and loathing candy as they did, so other than being able to dress up, she did not see the appeal. Teal's godmother had taught the basics of Halloween, but he had never gone trick-or-treating or celebrated it before. Since Jenson felt that he was too old for Halloween back in the states, Astrid's enthusiasm in the group was literally unmatched. Astrid did not approve.

    "Just you wait! I'll plan something for next year that will literally blow your minds."

    Teal, understanding what "literally" meant and not understanding hyperbole, looked shocked by her apparent threat on their personal safety.

    Finally, the big day of the first Quidditch match of the year was upon them. Astrid, who's father was a member of the Chudley Cannons, was very excited over the upcoming match, especially since it would also be Slytherin's first game. Even better, it was against their (apparently) hated rivals, Gryffindor. Teal did not care one iota about sports, but he did enjoy flying and watching others fly, so he agreed to attend the game with Astrid. Jenson was curious to see his first quidditch match since it sounded so interesting. Hermione, however, did not understand the hype.

    "You know, you don't have to come with us Hermioninny," Astrid quipped after Hermione's third questioning of the sanctity of the quidditch pitch. Since Hermione had controlled herself around Astrid since her and Jenson's...conversation, Astrid had almost gotten along with Hermione. However, with Hermione's apparent disinterest in quidditch statistics and team records, and her admission that she thought that quidditch sounded like a "silly game filled with unnecessary violence," Astrid had new reason to dislike the girl. Jenson took a different approach.

    "Aw, come on, Hermione...just think of it as a chance to experience more of the wizarding world from a muggle point of view. You should view it as an exciting opportunity."

    Teal nodded his agreement while Astrid 'hmphed' with impatience. Teal seemed to have warmed up to the girl, even if he still did not seem fully comfortable around her.

    "Well, if you put it like that, I suppose it would be a chance to everybody having fun for a change. It will be a nice break from studying, I suppose."

    "You can say that again," mumbled Astrid.

    Down on the quidditch pitch, they decided to sit in the section between Ravenclaw and Slytherin. Though the Slytherins generally only had bad blood with the Gryffindor house, they also tended to look down on muggle-born witches and wizards, like Jenson and Hermione, and those who associated with them, like Teal and Astrid. All of them did not think that way of course, but some of the louder ones...

    "Oi, Burkeheart! What are you doing bringing mudbloods over to our section?"

    Astrid and the group turned to find some dark-haired girl yelling at them from about 3 rows up. Astrid's eyes narrowed in displeasure.

    "Pansy, you little twit, leave us the hell alone! We're supporting Slytherin today, right?" she asked, turning back to the group. Everyone nodded in agreement and surprise and Astrid continued, turning her attention back up into the stands at the apparently surprised Pansy. "So mind your own bloody business and watch the bloody game and let us have a good time!" Astrid turned her attention back to the pitch, 'hmphed' and, straightening her skirt, sat back down. Jenson thought that he heard applause somewhere behind them ,but maybe he was simply imagining that because that whole scene had felt like something out of a movie.

    "Nice one, Astrid," Jenson said with a grin.

    Astrid started to reply, but a booming voice interrupted her.

    "Ladies, gentlemen and Slytherins-"

    "Jordan!" a voice interrupted in annoyance.

    "-uh, welcome to the first Quidditch match of the season! Today pitches Gryffindor versus long-time rival and, sadly enough, last year's champions, Slytherin!"

    This ended with a roar of approval from the Slytherin section, including Astrid who literally screamed with apparent delight. Poor Teal, who sat next to hear, looked shocked by her sudden outburst and rubbed his right ear miserably.

    Hermione noticed and leaned over Jenson.

    "Here, Teal," she said sympathetically, waving her wand over his head. She in turn did the same for Jenson and herself.

    Immediately, the incredible roar of the crowd fell to a much more manageable level.

    "It's a simple charm that balances out noise levels," Hermione explained to Jenson's questioning look.

    "Wow, thanks Hermione. I'm already thankful that you came with us," Jenson said with no little gratitude. Hermione just smiled, her cheeks reddening.

    From the pitch, a loud whistle blast resounded and all ten of the players on the pitch, plus Madam Hooch, rose into the air and the game began.

    “And the Quaffle is taken immediately by Angelina Johnson of Gryffindor — what an excellent Chaser that girl is, and rather attractive, too —”


    “Sorry, Professor.”

    Jenson was not sure who was doing the commentating, but it was worth coming to the game just to hear him. It was obviously a Gryffindor.

    “And she’s really belting along up there, a neat pass to Alicia Spinnet, a good find of Oliver Wood’s, last year only a reserve — back to Johnson and — no, the Slytherins have taken the Quaffle, Slytherin Captain Marcus Flint gains the Quaffle and off he goes — Flint flying like an eagle up there — he’s going to sc— no, stopped by an excellent move by Gryffindor Keeper Wood and the Gryffindors take the Quaffle — that’s Chaser Katie Bell of Gryffindor there, nice dive around Flint, off up the field and — OUCH — that must have hurt, hit in the back of the head by a Bludger — Quaffle taken by the Slytherins — that’s Adrian Pucey speeding off toward the goal posts, but he’s blocked by a second Bludger — sent his way by Fred or George Weasley, can’t tell which — nice play by the Gryffindor Beater, anyway, and Johnson back in possession of the Quaffle, a clear field ahead and off she goes — she’s really flying — dodges a
    speeding Bludger — the goal posts are ahead — come on, now, Angelina — Keeper Bletchley dives — misses — GRYFFINDORS SCORE!”

    Gryffindor cheers filled the cold air, with howls and moans from the Slytherins. Beside them, Astrid was pitching a fit.

    "Those idiots, what are they doing up there?! Their Beaters need to be working together, not on their own like two nitwits!

    And those Chasers..." she continued.

    From Cho Chang's explanation on the night he was sorted, Jenson knew that the Beaters' jobs were to use their clubs to hit the flying black balls to knock opponents off of their broomsticks. To Jenson, that seemed like the most exciting position of all.

    “Slytherin in possession,” Lee Jordan was saying, “Chaser Pucey ducks two Bludgers, two Weasleys, and Chaser Bell, and speeds toward the — wait a moment — was that the Snitch?”

    A murmur ran through the crowd as Adrian Pucey dropped the Quaffle, too busy looking over his shoulder at the flash of gold that had passed his left ear.

    The Gryffindor seeker, a small blond boy whom Jenson did not recognize, seemed to see it as well. In a great rush of excitement he dived downward after the streak of gold. The Slytherin Seeker, Terence Higgs, had seen it, too. Neck and neck they hurtled toward the Snitch — all the Chasers seemed to have forgotten what they were supposed to be doing as they hung in midair to watch.

    The Gryffindor's seeker was faster than Higgs — he was almost on the little round ball, wings fluttering, darting just ahead of him, and he seemed to put on an extra spurt of speed — WHAM! A roar of rage echoed from the Gryffindors below — Marcus Flint had blocked the Gryffindor's seeker on purpose, and sent his broom spinning off course, the poor boy holding on for dear life.

    “Foul!” screamed the Gryffindors.

    Madam Hooch spoke angrily to Flint and then ordered a free shot at the goal posts for Gryffindor. But in all the confusion, of course, the Golden Snitch had disappeared from sight again.

    Somewhere in the stands, Jenson heard someone screaming "Red Card!"

    “What are they talking about?” He wondered aloud.

    The announcer seemed to find it difficult not to take sides.

    “So — after that obvious and disgusting bit of cheating —”

    “Jordan!” growled a voice, which Jenson finally recognized as Professor McGonagall.

    “I mean, after that open and revolting foul…”
    “Jordan, I’m warning you—”

    “All right, all right. Flint nearly kills the Gryffindor Seeker, Beckett, which could happen to anyone, I’m sure, so a penalty to Gryffindor, taken by Spinner, who puts it away, no trouble, and we continue play, Gryffindor still in possession.”

    A black shadow raced through the air, catching the Gryffindor Chaser, Katie Bell, by surprise, knocking her off of her broom. She dropped the Quaffle, much the the delight of the Slytherins and the dismay of the Gryffindors.

    “Slytherin in possession — Flint with the Quaffle — passes Spinnet — passes Bell — hit hard in the face by a Bludger, hope it broke his nose — only joking, Professor — Slytherins score — Oh no…”

    SLytherin's seeker, Higgs, suddenly dove at the ground, almost perpendicular to the ground below. Beckett dove with him, apparently hoping to catch up with the green and silver blur below him, but it was to no avail. Higgs suddenly pulled out of the dive, not 5 meters from the grass below, something glittering in his fist.

    "And that's the snitch! Slytherin wins, a hundred and sixty to ten," Jordan finished solemnly. Behind them, the Slytherin house was ecstatic, cheering and shouting taunts at the Gryffindor house. Jenson thought that, all in all, most of them seemed to be pretty sore winners. On the other hand, quidditch was a pretty exciting sport. He could understand the excitement around it.

    It was like a mixture of rugby, soccer and baseball combined with a Blue Angels demonstration. Astrid was riding Cloud Nine, her earlier feuding with Pansy apparently forgotten.

    "The Slytherin team needs to beef up their game, especially their offense, but how awesome was that seeker?"

    "He certainly takes his risks, but certainly worked out well for him, didn't it?" Hermione mused aloud.

    "He flew well," Teal agreed.

    "Awesome," murmured Jenson.

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