In a world where Dumbledore killed Voldemort before he ever killed Harry's parents, we follow three characters during their time at Hogwarts

    Chapter Two


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    Chapter Two Empty Chapter Two

    Post  filigreewitch on Mon Nov 28, 2011 7:16 pm

    The giant doors opened with a loud creak. The students made their way inside, following a woman named Professor McGonagall. Murmurs and chatter quickly filled the hall. Astrid was trying to hold back a squeal.

    “Wow,” Teal said in amazement.

    “This place is-“ Jenson started.

    “Amazing,” Astrid yelled, not able to contain her excitement anymore.
    The students stood before two giant doors.

    “Welcome to Hogwarts,” Professor McGonagall said. “The start of term banquet will begin shortly, but before you take your seats in the Great Hall, you will be sorted into your houses. The Sorting is a very important ceremony because, while you are here, your house will be something like your family within Hogwarts. You will have classes with the rest of your house, sleep in your house dormitory, and spend free time in your house common room.

    "The four houses are called Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, and Slytherin. Each house has its own noble history and each has produced outstanding witches and wizards. While you are at Hogwarts, your triumphs will earn your house points, any rule breaking will lose house points. At the end of the year, the house with the most points is awarded the house cup, a great honor. I hope each of you will be a credit to whichever house becomes yours.

    "The Sorting Ceremony will take place in a few minutes in front of the rest of the school. I suggest you all smarten yourselves up as much as you can while you are waiting. I shall return when we are ready for you. Please wait quietly.”

    She then left the chamber.

    “I wonder which house I’ll be in...” Jenson said.

    “Wouldn’t it be cool if we were in the same house?” Astrid asked.

    “I don’t-“ Teal stopped talking and stared at something behind Astrid and Jenson.

    They turned and saw about twenty different ghosts, all white and transparent.

    “New Students!” said one large ghost dressed in cooking attire. “About to be sorted, I suppose?”

    Some students nodded.

    “Hope to see you in Hufflepuff! My old house, you know?”

    “Move along now,” said a sharp voice. “The Sorting Ceremony’s about to start.”

    Professor McGonagall had returned and the ghosts floated away through another wall.

    “Now, form a line,” she told the students, “and follow me.”

    The doors opened up and the first years started through, coming out in a line.

    Astrid grabbed Teal and Jenson’s hands, squeezed lightly, and flashed them a big smile.

    The three friends finally entered the Great Hall and stared at the sky. It was the night sky with stars and floating candles. A girl with mousy brown hair turned to them and whispered, “It’s not really the night sky. It’s just bewitched to look that way. I read about it in Hogwarts, A History.”

    “So, that’s really a ceiling?” Jenson asked.

    “Hard to believe,” Astrid said.

    Teal nodded in agreement.

    The students gathered at the front of the hall as Professor McGonagall placed a stool and an old pointed wizard’s hat on top.
    The hat suddenly began to twitch and opened what looked like a mouth and started to sing.

    The song explained each of the different houses and what they stood for. When it got to Slytherin, speaking of the great ambition of those in said house, Astrid began to wonder whether or not it was really the house for her.

    “Would I really do anything to become a writer? Would I be cunning, just to get a story?” Astrid pondered this a moment and then decided, “Yes. Yes I would. I might not be happy about it, but I’d certainly do it to become a journalist. I hope that doesn’t make me a bad person…”

    The song ended and Astrid came out of her thoughts to clap with the rest of the hall. Professor McGonagall stood next to the stool holding a role of parchment, which she quickly unrolled as she spoke.

    “When I call your name, you will put on the hat and sit on the stool to be sorted,” she explained. “Abbot, Hannah,” she called first.

    The girl who had ridden in the boat with her, Teal, and Jenson stepped forward. She looked really queasy. Professor McGonagall placed the hat atop her head.

    There was a moment’s pause-

    “Hufflepuff,” the hat shouted.

    She got off the stool and made her way to the Hufflepuff table.
    Professor McGonagall continued.

    The second name on the list was one Astrid hadn't expected. Not so soon. "Andrews, Teal." Teal froze. Astrid simply watched him for a few seconds before finally nudging him forward.

    Teal walked up and sat after staring at the professors’ table. The Sorting Hat was placed on top of his head and the hat started to debate where to put him as well.

    “Hufflepuff!” the hat finally yelled.

    Astrid watched Teal walk over to the table, still looking nervous, but slightly relieved. She smiled and shot him a double thumbs up to tell him everything was going to be okay.

    A girl named Susan Bones was sorted into Hufflepuff as well. Then Terry Boot became a Ravenclaw. Mandy Brooklehurst was also sorted into Ravenclaw. Lavender Brown became a Gryffindor and Millicent Bulstrode made Slytherin.

    Then finally Professor McGonagall called, “Burkeheart, Astrid.”
    Astrid gave Jenson’s hand one final squeeze and made her way to the stool, smiling.

    She sat on the stool and McGonagall placed the Sorting hat on her head. There were a few seconds of silence, then the hat yelled, “Slytherin!”

    Astrid smiled happily and skipped to the Slytherin table, where she sat by Millicent. She shook hands with some of the older students and said hello to Millicent. She then sat and glued her eyes to the front, waiting to see where Jenson would be placed.

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    Chapter Two Empty Chapter 2 (continued)

    Post  MedGrad911 on Thu Dec 01, 2011 7:01 pm

    "...and then, they put this big, raggedy hat on your head and it sorts sings too!" Astrid finished, popping a yellow Bertie Bott's bean into her mouth. "Mmmm, meringue..."

    Jenson swallowed his dark chocolate-covered cherry-flavored bean, relishing its deliciousness before allowing his curiosity to be sated.

    "Sorted? Into what?"

    Both Teal and Astrid gave him strange looks. Teal spoke first.

    "School houses. Didn't the professor who gave you your letter mention the houses?" He popped his bean into his mouth, making a face. "Ugh, ocean-water..."

    Jenson thought hard for a moment.

    "Well, I had a little man named Flitwick deliver my letter, and he me-"

    "You got to meet Professor Flitwick?" squealed Astrid. "Oh, isn't he loads of fun? He teaches Charms."

    "Um...yes. Anyway, he mentioned something about a raven's caw or something like that, and how I seemed to be a quick learner."

    Astrid laughed.

    "Not 'a raven's caw,' he meant Ravenclaw house. He's actually the Head of Ravenclaw house, so of course he would try to recruit you."

    "What about the other houses?

    "Well," she began, plucking a new bean from the bag, "there's Ravenclaw, which is known for housing the brainy students...Hufflepuff, which is pretty much full of nice people. There's Gryffindor, which is supposedly full of the bravest witches and wizards...and then there's..."

    "Slytherin," Teal said distastefully (though it was hard to tell whether it was from the mention of the house name or because he had just eaten a wet-dog flavored bean.)

    Astrid nodded. "Yes, Slytherin. It'd supposed to be full of 'pure-bloods.'" At Jenson's expression, she explained, "I mean students who come from two magical parents. Mostly those who can trace their magical roots way, way back. It sounds like bologna to me..."

    Teal cocked his head to the side. "I don't think balogna makes a sound."


    “Move along now,” said a sharp voice. “The Sorting Ceremony’s about to start. Now form a line and follow me.”

    Professor McGonagall ushered them into a rough line and proceeded to lead them to an incredibly large set of double doors. As the doors opened, without any apparent intervention by McGonagall's part, Astrid gripped Teal's and Jenson's hands and flashed them both a smile. Jenson attempted to return it, but his nervousness made him queasy, so his expression probably looked more pained than happy.


    That's how Jenson would have described the sight before him. Though it was warm and toasty within this Great Hall, the ceiling opened up to the night sky. Tens of thousands of stars dotted overhead while, about twenty feet overhead, enchanted candles provided extra lighting.

    "It’s not really the night sky. It’s just bewitched to look that way. I read about it in Hogwarts, A History.”

    Jenson turned to his right to find a girl about his own age with an incredible amount of bushy, brown hair and over-sized front teeth.

    "So, that's really a ceiling?" Jenson asked, more a statement then a question. Magic is pretty amazing...

    In the center of the room they stopped, between two long tables and before a large, elevated table. Sitting at the head table were a number of important looking witches and wizards, including professor Flitwick (who waved to Jenson when he happened to catch his eye) and a very important looking wizard in the center. He had an impressively long white beard and, even from where he stood, Jenson could sense that he was not only looking at the new students, but somehow into them.

    "That's professor Dumbledore!" said the same girl from earlier. "He's the Headmaster. He famous for many different things, but mostly for defeating one of the most powerful dark wizards who ever lived. That was before we were even born, though. He's considered the greatest wizard of our time."

    "Did you read that in Hogwarts, a History as well?" Jenson asked with a wry smile.

    She appeared slightly embarrassed. "Actually, yes..."

    "I'm Jenson, Jenson Shirey," Jenson said, extending his hand.

    She shook it heartily. "I'm Her-"

    "The Sorting will now begin," Professor McGonagall said loudly, her voice echoing throughout the great room.

    Before them, professor McGonagall deposited a stool and an old, ratty-looking "wizard's hat" (Jenson knew of no other way to describe it). As he watched, the hat seemed to move and, to his surprise, the hat split wide at the brim, singing:

    There once were four great wizards,
    whose great deeds together meld,
    by the strength of their deep friendship
    and by the ideals that they each held.

    They decided, each among them,
    as was their deepest yearning
    to set up a school for young ones
    to aid them in their learning.

    "The bravest," said Sir Gryffindor,
    "shall share my dear namesake.
    For those of chivalry and daring
    the keenest wizards make."

    "Nay, the keenest," said Ravenclaw,
    "are those with wit and smarts.
    For who better to weave magic
    then those who master their arts?"

    "But those of cunning and purest blood,
    the finest wizards make.
    There is no other," Slytherine said,
    "to trust with my namesake!"

    Sweet Hufflepuff sighed and said to each,
    "True wizards are just and loyal.
    They aren't afraid of working hard
    and bet'ring this mortal coil."

    So each decided to compromise
    and let me sort them out.
    They bewitched me to search deep within
    to see what you're all about.

    So don't be shy, and do not fear,
    for I have not erred yet.
    I'll put you where you ought to be,
    of that, you sure can bet!

    The Hall burst into applause and, at Jenson's expression, Astrid said, "Oh, I forgot to mention. It sings."

    "Oh, well that's nice..." Jenson muttered. Great, his future was going to be decided by a dandruff collector.

    "First up," McGonagall said, retrieving a list from who-knows-where, "is Abbot, Hannah."

    A young girl with blond hair stepped forward and proceeded to the stool. McGonagall placed the hat on her head and
    it sat there a moment before shouting, "Hufflepuff!"

    A cheer rang up from the table to the right, presumably the Hufflepuff table, and the girl walked over to join them.

    "Next up, Granger, Hermione."

    The girl next to Jenson nearly tripped stepping forward and walking up to the stool.

    Hermione? Jenson thought. Then he turned back to Teal and Astrid. Well I guess that it's no stranger than mine or theirs.

    She too sat there for a moment before the hat shouted, "Ravenclaw!"

    She appeared relieved as she climbed off of the stool and hurried over to join the table directly to their left. Several other students were sorted before the bespectacled boy who bumped into Jenson on the train went up, kind of strutting (if an eleven year old can strut). Jenson snorted as the showoff, Harry-something, was sorted into Gryffindor amid cheers.

    A smirking blond boy was sorted next into Slytherine, again apparently a popular from all of the noise he received.

    Finally, "Burkeheart, Astrid," was called and she turned to Teal and Jenson, whispering, "see you two later!"

    before running up to the stool and sitting down excitedly.

    The hat had barely touched her hed before it shouted, "Slytherin!"

    Astrid, beaming brightly, hopped down off of the stool, shook a surprised McGonagall's hand, and ran over to the Slytherin table to the far left.

    "Shirey, David."

    Jenson stepped forward, almost tripping over his own feet in the process, acutely aware of the number of eyes on him.

    I'm not sure I have ever been this terrified before...okay, just focus. Just walk forward and let the hat do all the work...

    As Jenson reached McGonagall and the stool, he managed to croak, "MY name is David, but I go by Jenson."

    McGonagall made a mark on the list before gesturing for him to hop onto the stool.

    As he sat, Jenson had the feeling that his stomach was located somewhere in his shoes. Suddenly, the weight of the hat was on him and the wide brim nearly pushed his glasses right off of his face. He caught them with a start.

    "Well,'re a tough one, aren't you?"

    Only recognizing the hat's voice from its song kept Jenson from losing his cool right then and there.

    "'re a brave lad, but witty, cunning...a gentle disposition, but a fiery temper. Loyal too...difficult indeed...what do you think?"

    Jenson wasn't sure how to respond without looking like a fool talking to himself.

    "Oh don't be shy now, I can feel everything you can. Just think about it..."

    Jenson thought about what he had heard on the train. And that new girl, Hermione. Teal and Astrid...and that Harry kid...

    Well, I suppose he's no worse than anyone else, just a bit full of himself...

    The hat chuckled at that.

    I want to do well here...

    "Success is very important to you...but you're not willing to step on a few toes, are you?"

    Jenson blanched at the thought. I'd rather get by on my own merit. Jenson could almost feel the hat's approval.

    "Nor do you enjoy leading unless you have to. You would rather be the 'power behind the throne' sort to speak."

    Jenson had to admit, that sounded right.

    "You're a good friend...but not to the point of naivety. Loyal, but only in matters of their best interests..."

    Jenson would have scratched his head if the hat wasn't in the way.

    "So I guess that leaves...RAVENCLAW," it shouted audibly, cheers ringing out from the Ravenclaw table. As Jenson slid the Sorting Hat off, he heard a "good luck, boy" before McGonagall removed it completely. He slid off of the stool, walking in a bit of a haze to his new House table. Hermione, seeing him coming, made room for him. Jenson shot her a grateful look.

    "Now, that wasn't so bad, was it?" she said, grinning broadly. Jenson had his back pat by a young man who introduced himself as Roger Davis. Turning back to Hermione, Jenson cracked a smile in return.

    "He's a talkative sort, eh?"

    Before she could respond, "Andrews, Teal," was called forward.

    Jenson wished his friend good luck as well.

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    Chapter Two Empty Re: Chapter Two

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    Teal couldn't move. His name was only the second one to be called, and he was already very nervous. After a moment, a small hand on his back nudged him forward.

    Teal walked hesitantly up to the front of the room, a feeling he’d never had before taking over him. He’d never even been in a place with this many people before, much less with all of them watching him so tentatively. He looked up to the table at the head of the room for the second time. He had just glanced before, but this time he really looked, studied each person briefly. The giant who had lead the first years, Hagrid, was one of them.

    Teal gave the huge man a smile, which he returned, and then continued looking down the table as he progressed slowly towards the stool. His eyes finally reached the middle of the table where an old man with long, white hair and a matching beard sat in flowing, purple robes. Purple was the color of royalty, Teal remembered. The man certainly looked important. Teal’s eyes gravitated up to his and everything stopped for a moment: his feet, his memory, and his breath.

    The man stared at him with a piercing gaze, not in a cruel manor, but a knowing one. His eyes sparkled with a knowledge that no person should be allowed to have, and something in the way he looked at Teal both frightened and assured him at the same time. The man smiled, a smile that meant more than “welcome”, and Teal blinked, remembering that he was supposed to be walking.

    He finally wrenched his eyes away from the enticing old man and looked up at the woman in front of him, Professor McGonagall. She had a slightly irritated look on her face, as if she were tired of waiting, and after a second she nodded her head towards the stool, signaling Teal to hurry. He stopped in front of the chair, turned around, and hopped up onto the stool with ease, thanks to his height.

    Teal looked out across the room at everyone, their eyes all lingering on him, and he didn’t like it. He wanted them to look at everyone else. He lowered his head and looked down at his shoes until the weight of the giant hat settled on his head. It fell down over his eyes, but instead of pushing it up, Teal grasped the sides and pulled it down further, covering half of his face in an attempt to hide.

    Laughter erupted from the previously quiet room and Teal scrunched his eyes closed. A hand grabbed the top of the hat and began to pull it back up, but didn’t get very far before a barely audible, whisper of a voice told her to let him be. Teal wondered briefly if it was the old man at the table until his thoughts were interrupted by a voice other than his own inside his head. It started as a low laugh, then moved on to words.

    “You’re a curious little thing, aren’t you?”

    Teal didn’t respond, but opened his eyes. All he could see was black, no light reaching the inside of the hat, but he left his eyes open.

    “You know, Ravenclaw takes kindly to little ones like you. Some of the most brilliant minds are also the strangest.”

    I don’t know if I’m smart, Teal thought back.

    “Well, confidence certainly isn’t your strong-suit, that’s for sure. Definitely not a Slytherin. Perhaps a Gryffindor? I see some bravery in you, especially regarding those you care for.”

    Teal remained silent.

    “Tell me... what is it that you want most?”

    Teal didn’t even hesitate.

    To be with my friends.

    The hat seemed to tighten a bit and Teal could have sworn it was smiling.

    “Well, I don't know if I can give you that, but at least now I know where you belong... HUFFLEPUFF!”

    The hat shouted the house name and Teal jumped as it was pulled from his head. He reflexively looked up to Professor McGonagall, who’s eyebrow was raised in a somewhat unappreciative manor. Teal wasn’t sure why, but she seemed not to like him very much. He hopped off of the stool and headed over to the table of people with the yellow and black ties. Those were Hufflepuff’s colors, apparently. Teal liked yellow. It was happy. And black... well, black wasn’t really a color at all.

    He walked to the very end of the table, where a seat was open beside Hannah, the girl from their boat, and sat down. She turned and smiled to him and he smiled back. A few more names were called then before "Burkeheart, Astrid" came up. Teal watched with great concentration as Astrid walked up to the stool confidentially. The Sorting Hat had rested on his head for a long time, but it had barely even been placed on top of Astrid's head when it called out "Slytherine!"

    Teal swallowed hard. Apparently the Sorting Hat couldn't give him what he wanted most. At least not both of his friends. As Astrid made her way over to the Slytherin table, Teal held tightly to the fabric of his robes and waited for Jenson to be sorted. It was a long time, however, and almost all of the other students had been sorted before it was Jenson's turn. He walked up to the stool at the head of the room, and Teal thought that he looked nervous as well.

    Teal eyes grew wide then as Jenson was sorted into the Ravenclaw house. He walked over to the table full of the kids who wore blue and sat down beside a girl with wild hair. She was in their year, Teal remembered. She had just been sorted a few moments ago. Her name was odd though. He couldn’t remember it.

    Hermin? Hermif? Hermyon?

    He wracked his brain for the right pronunciation for a few short seconds, but couldn’t remember it. He didn't really care, though. He wasn’t with his friends. Either of them. He turned his head to look at Astrid, trying to share his sadness with her through his eyes, and then did the same in turn to Jenson. Until this very moment he had been looking forward to Hogwarts. Now... now he wasn’t so sure.

    Teal looked back, one last time, to the old man at the front of the room and was shocked to find that he was still looking at him. Even as the next first year’s name was called, the older man continued looking at him for a few moments. He finally gave Teal a small nod, as if to say that everything would be alright, and then turned his attention to the child who was about to be sorted.

    Teal turned and stared at the bare table in front of him.

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    Chapter Two Empty Re: Chapter Two

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    Astrid sat at the table waiting for Jensen to be sorted. A blond boy named Draco Malfoy was called up. He sparked Astrid’s interest. She stared at him until he was automatically sorted into Slytherin too. Astrid clapped really hard. She watched him walk over to their table and he sat right next to her!

    “Eep!” she thought. “He’s so cute and he sat next to me! Eep!”

    Draco smiled at her, which made her give a goofy smile. He turned to watch the rest of the sorting. Astrid then watched Draco intently. He had nice hair and amazing piercing blue eyes. The call of Jenson’s name pulled her back to reality. Jenson walked up and sat on the stool. He was up there for a while. The hat seemed to have trouble placing him. Finally, the hat called, “Ravenclaw!”

    Astrid sighed and clapped slowly. None of them were in the same house.

    A few other people were sorted including two boys named Vincent Crabbe and Gregory Goyle who were also Slytherin. Draco and the boys greeted each other as if they already knew each other.

    Astrid then zoned out thinking about the Sorting Hat.

    “Why didn’t the hat spend that much time on me? Am I really that bad of a person? Am I that much of a Slytherin? I knew I was ambitious and my parents were in Slytherin but I didn’t think-“
    Astrid sighed. Sure she was happy being Slytherin. She knew she’d be placed there. But why didn’t the hat even search her head or rack her brain?

    A booming voice interrupted her thoughts. The white bearded man was standing at the podium. She recognized him as Headmaster Dumbledore.
    “Welcome,” he said, “Welcome to a new year at Hogwarts! Before we begin our banquet, I would like to say a few words. And here they are: Nitwit! Blubber! Oddment! Tweak! Thank you!”

    He sat back down while the Great Hall cheered and applauded.
    Then food appeared on the table: roast beef, roast chicken, pork chops and lamb chops, sausages, bacon and steak, boiled potatoes, roast potatoes, fries, Yorkshire pudding, peas, carrots, gravy, ketchup, and peppermint humbugs.

    Astrid filled her plate with roast chicken, fries, and carrots. A ghost then appeared near Malfoy.

    “I’m the Bloody Baron.”

    “Hello Bloody Baron,” some of the older students said.

    “Welcome to Slytherin,” he told the first years. Then floated away.
    Astrid got to looking around her table. She seemed to be the only one smiling. The rest looked unpleasant and snooty. She decided to try to strike up a conversation with the other first years. She turned to Draco.

    “Hi, I’m Astrid!”

    “I’m Malfoy. And the is Crabbe and Goyle.”

    “Hi! So are you excited to be here? I am!”

    “Sure,” Draco said.

    “So could I call you Draco or do you go by Malfoy?”


    “I dunno. Just weird you go by your last name. It’s like my friend Jenson. His real name is David but he goes by Jenson. Personally I like the name Jenson. It’s more original; unlike David. Draco’s pretty unique too. It means dragon, right? Did you notice your name is on the Hogwarts crest?”

    “Interesting,” he said. “Wait. Jenson? The boy who got into Ravenclaw?”

    “Mmhmm,” she said sticking a fry in her mouth.

    “Huh,” he said the turned his back to her to face Crabbe.

    Astrid found this strange but turned to Millicent, who in turn, turned away from her too.

    Maybe being in Slytherin wasn’t all she thought it’d be.

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    Chapter Two Empty continued...

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    Jenson winced as Teal yanked the sorting hat down over his face. Even from this distance, Teal's discomfort could be felt. Jenson turned to Astrid to see her reaction, but she was staring intently at Teal, as if she could somehow transmit confidence and good fortune to him through her eyes. Several moments passed as Teal and the Sorting Hat conversed. Hermione noticed Jenson's anxiety.

    "Is he your friend?" she asked, managing to sound both genuinely curious and as if she was about to give him a lecture.

    "No, I mean, well, yes, but...we just met on the train. I wouldn't call us friends yet. But I do worry about him. He's a little...different," Jenson finished with a sigh.

    Hermione looked slightly offended. "Why wouldn't you call him your friend? Didn't you just say you were worried about him? Isn't that what friends do? They care for each other."

    "Hufflepuff!" the hat shouted, Teal climbing off of the stool and walking over to the Hufflepuff table. Despite the cheering, he looked positively miserable. His eyes seemd to brighten a little when he raised his eyes to his fellow tablemates, but when he looked up and locked eyes with astrid and then Jenson...he looked heartbroken.

    Jenson continued staring at Teal even as he looked away.

    "It's not easy," he said to Hermione, not even noticing whether or not she was paying attention, "for me to call someone a friend. Friendship is deeper than a merely positive aquaintanceship. Friends don't just worry about each other...they don't just "watch out" for each other...real friends sacrifice for each other." He finally turned to meet her eyes, which were wide in surprise. "At least, that's how I see it."

    She stared at him a moment more before speaking.

    "You're a bit odd, aren't you?" He shrugged.

    "I've always been a little different."

    Before she could respond, the sound of a clearing throat filled the room, magically amplified Jenson assumed.

    Dumbledore stood up from his seat and the entire room became as silent as a tomb. Jenson noticed that the sorting had finished and that McGonagall was now in her seat, the stool and Sorting Hat gone.

    "Welcome," Dumbledore said softly. Though his voice sounded gentle, he could be heard just as clearly as if he had been sitting right beside Jenson in a library. "Welcome to a new year at Hogwarts! Before we begin our banquet, I would like to say a few words. And here they are: Nitwit! Blubber! Oddment! Tweak! Thank you!”

    He sat down as the Great Hall erupted into applause (though, Jenson noticed, there seemed to be a portion of the slytherine table that did not share the general enthusiasm - Astrid, however, joined in with wild abandon).

    "That was unusual," Jenson said with a grin. A tallish girl of asian descent overheard him and leaned around from Hermione's other side.

    "Last year, he fired a firecracker from the end of his wand. Gave Mrs. Norris quit the fright."

    "Who's Mrs. Norris?"

    "Filtch's cat. Filtch is the caretaker of Hogwarts grounds," she said, pointing to a lanky-haired man with possibly the most sullen expression that Jenson had ever seen. He looked as iff he'd been force-fed a bag of warheads candies. She turned back to Jenson. "I am Cho Chang, by the way. The Ravenclaw team's seeker."

    "Seeker?" Jenson asked, "As in hide-and-seek?" Conversation around him stopped. Obviously, he had just committed some sort of faux pas. He tried to recover. "Oh, that a wizarding thing? Because I am a muggle...I mean, my parents are muggles. I'm just learning about all of this," he said, pointing to the surroundings, which happened to include mountains of food that had appeared from nowhere. Jenson tried to find some food that he recognized.

    "Oh, you're a muggle-born?" Hermione said with the slightest hint of a squeal, "I am too! My parents are dentists in Londond! Where are you from?"

    Jenson finally spotted what looked to be some sort of pudding-like dessert as well as what he was fairly certain was mashed potatoes and sausages. Hermione's comment, however, caught his attention and relieved him. At least he was not the only one in his boat.

    "The South-Eastern United States. My mother works with the mail service and my father..." he trailed off for a moment, gritting his teeth slightly and gripping his fork too tightly to be comfortable, " father is a carpenter of sorts. He builds house frames."

    The tallish boy across from him (Roger Davies, Jenson believed) leaned across the table as if to get a better look at him.

    "You're from the states then, eh? It must be quite a shock for you then...being tossed headfirst into both the English and the Wizarding worlds. A little advice..." he motioned for Jenson to lean in, "...if anyone looks offended or confused as to why you don't know something, just say, 'I'm a Yank,' and they'll let it go."

    Jenson could not tell if he was being serious or not. Possibly, it was a mixture of the two.

    "Well, I'd hate to make excuses for myself..." Jenson turned back to Hermione and Cho. "So what is a seeker?"


    After Cho explained the rudimentary rules and basics of some wizarding sport called "quidditch," Hermione helped him locate several foods that his palatte would find agreeable, at least until he became acclimated to his new environment. All the while, she questioned him about life in the United States, what, if any, books he had read to prepare for coming to Hogwarts, etc.

    "So, you have actually read Hogwarts, a History as well?" she said as they followed the older students out of the hall and to their new dorm rooms.

    "Well," he began sheepishly, "I wouldn't say that I have read it so much as perused it during the last few days.

    My scholarship covered all of my books and most of my supplies (thought I did have to get them second hand), and it included Hogwarts, a History. I've also glanced through the transfiguration book and the potions book."

    "Have you tried any spells?"


    Actually, Jenson had been too nervous to even think about using his wand without supervision from another witch or wizard. Flitwick had mentioned something about a "ministry" who oversaw the wizarding world's laws, which included restrictions on underage magic. When Jenson explained, Hermione just sighed.

    "Well, those rules only apply in Muggle sanctioned areas. Once you entered platform 9 3/4, you were able to perform magic. The same applies to Diagon Alley, the Leaky Cauldron, or any other wizarding territory." At Jenson's look, she said, "I asked professor McGonagall when she gave me my invitation to join the school."

    Before he could respond, the leader of the group, a pre-fect (whatever that meant) named Penelope Clearwater called back, "Here we are! The Ravenclaw tower staircase. No more than one abreast, please, and follow me."

    The group climbed a tight spiral staircase single file in near silence. Jenson's attention was held by the strangest of sights along the walls. The photographs and paintings on the walls, if that is indeed what they were, were moving. In fact, many of them were attempting to start conversations with several of the first year students.

    Some of the older students gave a raucous greeting to what appeared to be a drunken monk and a rather loud-mouthed knight in armor.

    Reaching the top of the staircase, they spread out before a large wooden door which had been polished so that it shone like bronze. A large, brass knocker in the shape of an eagle adorned the center of the doorway. Penelope strode forward and knocked once, sending an incredible echo back down the staircase behind them. A rather distinguished and husky female voice resounded around them.

    "I am the beginning of the end, and the end of time and space. I am essential to creation, and I surround every place."

    The students murmured amongst themselves before Penelope turned to them.

    "In order to enter most common room towers, the common room guardians generally require a password. Ravenclaw is unique in that it requires you to answer a riddle." She turned back to the knocker. "You are the letter 'e'."

    "Quite so," the voice said and the door swung open to reveal a large room lit entirely by two roaring fireplaces and several more floating candles. Various, comfortable looking, squashed chairs littered the room along with several desks and a collections of blue and bronze banners strung to and fro. On the far wall were two stair cases, one leading up towards the left and the other, up towards the right. Between them was a large window overlooking the mountains, what Jenson assumed was the quidditch field, and a black, still lake.

    "Boys, your rooms are up the stairs to the left. Girls, your rooms are up the stairs to the right," Penelope said, once more turning back to the group as a whole. "Curfew is 10 o'clock, but that only means you have to be in the common room by that time. Your class schedules will be given out tomorrow, so I suggest that you all turn in early for the night."

    With that, she turned around and headed up the right staircase, followed by several other girls. Several older boys walked up the left staircase, while those remaining took to exploring the common room. Jenson decided that he could wait and do that later. Right now, he just needed something that he was used unpacking and going to sleep.

    "Goodnight Cho, Roger...g'night Hermione." He gave her a tired smile. "See you bright and early in the morning."

    "Goodnight Jenson."

    Slowly, Jenson climbed the leftward spiral staircase and, too tired to bother unpacking, slumped to the bed by his trunk and collapsed, face-first, into the warm recesses of the comforter and pillows.

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    Chapter Two Empty Re: Chapter Two

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    Teal ate a piece of food here and there. It wasn’t that the magical meal in front of him wasn’t appealing. Almost everything on the table was greater than anything he’d ever gotten back home, but he didn’t have much of an appetite at the moment. He knew he hadn’t completely lost his two friends, but he knew he’d also only get to see them from time to time, and they would technically be competing against him. He reached down into the pocket of his sweater, where he had placed Edgar after the earlier scare with the other boy’s toad, and fed him a small vegetable.

    Teal looked around the table every few minutes as he nitpicked and every time there was at least one person at his table giving him an odd look. Wasn’t his house supposed to be accepting, and loyal? That’s what his godmother and the sorting hat had said. So why were his housemates giving such looks, and why at him? Teal knew he wasn’t like everyone else. He wasn’t quite sure why, and he was never vocal about it, but he knew that people saw something different in him, and most of them didn’t like it.

    When they finished eating the food disappeared just as quickly as it had come, and Dumbledore stepped up to the front of the room for a second time to speak. He warned them against going into the woods and made a few other notes before he waved his wand and banner with lyrics appeared over his head. It was the school anthem. He instructed them to pick a tune and sing, but Teal didn't know what tune to use, so instead he whispered the words, barely making a sound as the rest of the room sang.

    A moment later they led each of the houses to their dormitories. Teal was at the end of the line of Hufflepuff students, much like he had been at their table. Their Prefect, Gabriel Truman, led them past the kitchen and to the right side of the corridor, where a stack of barrels sat in a small nook. Gabriel walked over to a barrel, in the middle of the second row from the bottom, and tapped it five times in a specific pattern.

    “You have to tap the right barrel,” he explained, pointing to the barrel that was now swinging open like a door, “to the pattern of Helga Hufflepuff. If you tap the wrong barrel, or tap it wrong, it will open a different barrel instead, drenching you in vinegar.”

    Teal made sure to take note of this. He hated vinegar.

    Gabriel crawled into the barrel and the rest of the students followed him. They made their way down the cylindrical hallway until they finally reached the common room. Bright and yellow, with accents of black, the common room was a warm and inviting place. Teal was pretty sure the fireplace only helped to achieve this.

    Large, puffy yellow chairs were placed around the room, mainly in front of the fire place. High, circular windows gave view to a field, which was hard to see at the moment due to the fact that it was night. Teal thought it must be beautiful during the day. The were pictures above the fireplace with different witches and wizards on them. He assumed one in particular to be Helga Hufflepuff herself.

    To either side of the fireplace was another cylindrical door. Gabriel explained that they led to the different dorms. The girls’ were to the left and the boys’ to the right. Teal lingered in the room for a moment, along with about half of the other Hufflepuff students, just taking in his surroundings before finally turning and heading to his room.

    He walked until he found the room with his name on the door. There were three other boys on the small list: Zacharias Smith, Justin Finch-Fletchly and Ernie Macmillan. Teal opened the door and entered the room. There was only one other person there so far: a boy with short, blond hair. Teal lifted his hand in a wave as the boy turned from his trunk to look at him. He returned a cautious smile, then went back to digging through his trunk, which lay at the foot of his bed.

    Teal looked between the other three beds until he spotted his trunk at the end of the one to the far right. He shuffled over to his bed and sat down, testing the mattress for a moment. He pushed his palm into a spot on the bed beside him, slapped it twice, and then reached into his robe and pulled Edgar out, placing him on said spot. He got up then and walked around the foot of the bed to his trunk. The blond boy was taking off his robe now.

    “I’m Zarcharias,” he introduced himself as he tossed his robe into the open trunk beside him. Teal turned to look at him and gave another smile.

    “Teal,” he replied quickly.

    He turned back to his bed and began to sift through it until he found his pajamas. He held them up and stopped. He’d never changed in front of anyone before. His godmother said that it was nothing to be ashamed of, but he didn’t feel the same way. If it was nothing to be ashamed of, then why did people wear clothes in the first place? Teal turned his head to look at Zacharias, who was watching him from the corner of his eye as he began to unbutton his shirt.

    Teal turned so that his back was facing the other boy and dropped his pajamas on the bed, then slowly began to slip off his pants underneath his robe. He laid them on the bed and then pulled on his pajama pants, then finally took off his robe. He folded the robe neatly and then hung it over the table beside his bed. He finished changing and placed his clothes into his trunk, then finally climbed onto his bed and sat back down beside Edgar.

    “You’re sort of weird,” came Zacharias’ voice.

    Teal looked up at the boy. What had caused him to say this, and why was he still looking at him like that? There was so much he didn’t understand, and he wanted more than anything for the day to just be over.

    “Okay,” he replied, not knowing what else to say, and then grabbed Edgar and scurried underneath the covers. He placed his small friend on the pillow, beside his head, and turned to face the wall. The door opened a moment later and two pairs of feet came in, but Teal didn’t turn to see who it was. He already knew all of their names, he just had to put a face to them. He could do that in the morning though. For now he wanted to go to sleep and start tomorrow.

    He laid there, attempting to block out the barely whispered conversation the other three boys were having, and told himself that the year would get better, starting with tomorrow. Maybe if he just pretended to be asleep long enough, he’d actually fall asleep soon.

    “Goodnight, Edgar,” Teal whispered loud enough that only the frog could hear him. The stoic amphibian croaked in reply and nestled against his boy’s shoulder.

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    Astrid ate the rest of her meal in silence, listening to friends’ converse about the upcoming year and their summers. No one wanted to talk to her. She looked over at Teal, who was just nit picking at his food, looking just as sad and miserable as her. Jensen on the other hand, was chatting away with other students and his table, including the mousy brown haired girl. She thought she remembered her name being Hermy-one or something.
    Astrid sighed. “I never thought I’d wish I would be placed somewhere other than Slytherin.”
    She then recalled the stories her dad told her. How much fun he had with Eli and Tinsle. He also sometimes spoke of another friend they had, had. Severus, she believed his name was. According to her dad, Severus was always getting picked on by bullies from Gryffindor.
    “I hope I don’t get bullied too badly.”
    She shook her head, getting her thoughts back on track. She then sighed and pushed her plate away. At that moment all the food and plates disappeared and Dumbledore stepped back to the podium. The hall became silent.
    He cleared his throat and started to speak.
    “Just a few more words now that we are all fed and watered. I have a few start-of-term notices to give you. First years should note that the forest on the grounds is forbidden to all pupils. And a few of our older students would do well to remember that as well.”
    Astrid saw Dumbledore look over at twins at the Gryffindor table, who were silently laughing.
    “I wonder who they are,” Astrid thought, intrigued by them.
    “I have also been asked by Mr. Filch, the caretaker,” he continued, “to remind you all that no magic should be used between classes in the corridors. Quidditch trials will be held in the second week of the term. Anyone interested in playing for their house teams should contact Madam Hooch. And now, before we go to bed, let us sing the school song!”
    Dumbledore made a long gold ribbon float about the tables and spell out the lyrics to the song.
    “Everyone pick your favorite tune,” he said, “and off we go!”
    Everyone started to sing except most Slytherins. Astrid however, started singing in the tune of Jingle Bells.

    “Hogwarts, Hogwarts, Hoggy Warty Hogwarts.
    Teach us something please
    Whether we be old and bald
    Or young with scabby knees
    Our heads could do with filling with some interesting stuff
    For now they’re bare and full of air
    Dead flies and bits of fluff
    So teach us things worth knowing
    Bring back what we’ve forgot
    Just do your best and we’ll do the rest
    And learn until our brains all rot!”
    Everyone finished at different times and the Gryffindor twins from earlier were the last singing to a slow funeral march.
    Astrid laughed with the others and she and Dumbledore clapped the loudest.
    “Ah music,” Dumbledore said after everyone had quieted down. “A magic beyond all we do here! And now, bedtime. Off you trot!”
    The Slytherin Prefect, Gemma Farley, led the Slytherins’ to the Slytherin common room. They walked to the Dungeon Corridor and down a spiral staircase. They stopped in front a large portrait. Astrid couldn’t quite make out what was the picture was of, being at the back.
    “To enter into the common room you must say the password,” Gemma explained. “Pure-bloods”
    The portrait opened and Gemma led them in.
    Astrid took in the sights.
    The room had a low ceiling, dungeon like. It had greenish lamps and chairs. It had dark green leather sofas with buttons and skulls and dark wood cupboards. The room was partway under the lake giving the whole room a greenish tint. It had a grand atmosphere, but also a cold one. The last thing Astrid noticed was the fire place with green flames!
    “That’s pretty awesome,” she thought, “I’ll have to ask the boys if their fireplace is in their house color.”
    Astrid looked around some more, going towards the windows. A squid attached itself to the window. Fortunately she held in a scream. She did not like this place one bit.
    “It’s cold, dark, and dank. I wonder if I could remodel in here. Hmm…”
    Gemma’s voice caught her off guard. “Okay curfew is at 10 pm sharp. The girl dormitories are to the left and down the stairs. Boys, the same but to your right.”
    Astrid walked down the spiral stairs with her head down. She found her room and the other girls were already in there. She recognized Pansy and Millicent so she could only assume the third girl was Daphne Greengrass.
    Astrid went to the only bed left, which was near the window on the left. The beds were four posted in black with green silk like comforters with a large silver snake in the center. The sheets and pillow cases were a lighter shade of green made of silk material also.
    Astrid changed into her pink pajamas that had red hearts all over them and crawled into bed. She didn’t notice the sneers the other girls gave her as picked Nipsy up and sat her on the bed. She decided to try once more at making friends.
    “Hey everyone. I’m Astrid and this is my cat, Nipsy!”
    They went around and introduced themselves. Pansy had short greasy black hair and wore Slytherin pajamas. Millicent had shoulder length greasy black hair and wore green pajamas. And finally Daphne had a weird shade of brown hair and wore black pajamas.
    Astrid was definitely not like the other Slytherin girls, at all.
    “Well I hope we can be friends! I’m so excited to start classes tomorrow, aren’t y’all?”
    “Yea sure,” Pansy said going over to the light switch. “Oh and by the way. I saw you making lovey dovey eyes at my Drakie-Poo at dinner. You better back off; he’s mine!” She snarled.
    The other girls sneered at her and Pansy turned off the lights.
    Astrid pulled up her knees and rested her cheek on them, looking out the window into the lake.
    Yes, Astrid was definitely not like the other Slytherin girls.

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    Chapter Two Empty Continued

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    Jenson awoke with a start with his glasses cutting into his left temple and what sounded like a herd of elk trampsing down a staircase. He rolled over and called to his brother.
    "Hey, Jason. What's that noise?"
    "Probably the others on their way to breakfast, I would imagine. You might to get up and join them since breakfast ends at 8 and it's 7:20 now."
    Jenson rolled over and promptly fell to the hard-wood floor below. Clutching his left shoulder, he stood up and rubbed the sleep from his eyes. He turned back to his brother's voice, which seemed to have matured overnight. Instead of Jason, a boy with blondish-red hair about his own age was adjusting his tie, glancing at Jenson while he did so. As Jenson stared at him with wide eyes, the new guy picked up his sweater from his bed and pulled it on over his head, carefully avoiding messing up his hairdo.
    "Uh, hi," Jenson squawked, "I'm Jenson. I was raised by muggles."
    The sweater seemed to fit to the boy's satisfaction, so he picked up his wand and strode over to Jenson, his hand out.
    "Goldstein, Anthony Goldstein. Pleased to meet you Jenson."
    Everything from the day before came rushing back to Jenson in a flash. The packing, the train, Teal and Astrid, the feast, the sorting, Hermione...
    "Uh, will you wait just a scond for me, Anthony? It won't take me more than a minute to get dressed."
    Anthony gave him a once-over. Jenson followed his line of sight and realized that he had fallen asleep literally fully dressed - shoes and all.
    "Or right now then? Okay, thanks."
    Anthony grinned at him shaking his head as he led the way down the stairs, out through the Ravenclaw doorway and to the Great Hall.
    "You are also from the States, right?"
    Jenson nodded saying, "This is all so new to me. Forgive me if...when I do something stupid."
    Anthony shook his head. "No worries, mate. All of us first years look out for one another. And the upperclassmen aren't bad either...well, there are exceptions."
    They stopped in front of what appeared to be an older student lecturing several first years. He was tall with flaming red hair and wore Gryffindor colors.
    "That's Percy Weasley. There are several Weasley brothers, all Gryffindors. The oldest have graduated now, but there are four still in Hogwarts. That's the oldest of the four, Percy. He's a right self-righteous git."
    As they watched, a bucket of something appeared over Percy's head and upended, unleashing a torrent of foul-looking, slimey somethings all over him. Two other boys, each identical to the other with flaming red hair and sweaters on backwards, appeared on either side of him, laughing and offering what appeared to be very insincere apologizes for the mishap.
    As he laughed, Anthony continued. "That is Fred and Gerorge Weasley (don't ask me which one is which) and they are...well, they're swell guys, but do not make them cross with you."
    Anthony nodded for Jenson to continue following him and Jenson tore his eyes away from Percy's outraged sputtering and the twins' story about "Pixie Pustules," whatever those were.
    They tromped into the Great Hall which, to Jenson's amazement, was filled with swooping owls and the smell of perfectly simmered sausages.
    Jenson sat down next to Anthony, between two familiar looking Ravenclaw boys (Davies and...Fredricks?). Across from them, looking both annoyed and amused at the same time was Hermione Granger.
    "Well good morning, finally. I was beginning to think you were going to sleep the day away."
    Jenson glanced back to the entrance, which still contained students trompsing in for breakfast and mail call.
    "Plenty of people are coming in after me. Why am I the lazy one?"
    Hermione looked exasperated, as if she was speaking to a child...well, a small child.
    "But this is all old hat to them. To us it's a day filled with brand new experiences. I have been up since five o'clock going over notes for today's classes," she said breathlessly, digging into her sausage and eggs with enthusiasm.
    Jenson glanced around the Great Hall. By an amazing stroke of luck, he saw both Astrid and Teal walking into the Hall together, Astrid soaking wet and Teal with Nipsy sitting on his head and Edgar on his shoulder.
    "Excuse me for a sec," Jenson said, popping up out of his seat and striding the length of the Hall. They had stopped at the edge of the tables, as if dreading the separation. Their expressions brightened as he waved at them and greeted them with a wary smile.
    "How are you guys doin'?" Jenson asked, suddenly aware of multiple pairs of eyes on them.
    Teal shrugged, his expression still solemn. Astrid, on the other hand, was much more animated in expressing her displeasure.
    "The Slytherin's are all uptight and mean and...hmph!" she said, crossing her arms in annoyance before beginning to ring out her still dripping robe.
    "What happened?" Jenson asked. He heard snickers from a group of Slytherin girls as they walked past.
    "Pansy Parkinson bewitched the water fountains in the hallway to vomit whenver I passed by."
    "And they can vomit far," Teal said, his eyes wide.
    She took her hat off of her head and rang it out, releasing a very large amount of water all over the hallway floor and causing the third year behind her to skid a good five feet or so.
    She waved her wand in a crazy pattern. "Evaporus!" The water steamed and quickly dissipated.
    Suddenly, the screeching of owls caught them offguard and, looking up, Jenson saw Ezra and two unfamiliar owls flying towards the three of them. Edgar leaped back into Teal's robe and Nipsy hissed and hopped from Teal's head to the floor as the unfamiliar owls landed on Teal's and Astrid's outstretched forearms. Likewise, Ezra landed on Jenson's with a flourish and seemed almost proud. Clutched in her right talon was a rolled up parchment, identical to Teal's and Astrid's owl's. After relieving her of her burden and stroking her along the beak, she took off towards his place at the table and attacked one of his sausages, carrying it off back to the owl loft (he assumed).
    Teal's and Astrid's owls did the same. They each unrolled their parchments to find a class schedule, each according to their houses.
    Jenson discovered that he and Teal shared both Defense Against the Dark Arts and Potions classes. Likewise, he shared Transfiguration and Herbology with Astrid. They all shared Astronomy and History of Magic.
    He checked the clock on the wall. It was twenty minutes until his first class and he had not yet eaten.
    "I'll see you both later, I have to eat before my first class!" he shouted, running back to the Ravenclaw table.


    "I still say that you cut it far too close," Hermione groaned, rolling her eyes as he skidded to a stop in front of the open Defense Against the Dark Arts room door.

    "Ah," Jenson said, gasping for breath, "don't be...whew...jealous...of my...ability to...time am so out of shape..."

    She looked almost offended and, without waiting for him, stomped into class, leaving him still gasping and clutching his book bag. He glanced into the room to find Teal sitting at back of the class. Hermione, on the other hand, sat in the very front of the class, just left of the middle. There were two empty chairs two her left, one to her right and one behind her. Teal, on the other hand, had only one empty chair next to him.
    Jenson made his way back to Teal and, as he approached, Teal actually smiled.
    Jenson had trouble smiling back. Back in the States, he always sat at the front of the class, just to make sure he did not miss anything. He could not start off a completely different type of schooling without giving himself every academic advantage he could. At the same time, he did not want to snub his new acquaintances.
    "Hey, Teal. Is there any way you could sit closer to the front? I'd like to sit near you, but I can't sit this far back."
    Jenson noticed that Hermione had turned to watch him. When she saw him glancing in her direction, she quickly turned her attention back to the blackboard.
    Teal's expression soured.

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    Chapter Two Empty Re: Chapter Two

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    The next morning Astrid woke groggily and noticed all the other girls had left the room already. Astrid spazzed and grabbed the alarm clock.
    “Phew, only 7:15.”
    Astrid got up and put on her tailored uniform of a green and black plaid skirt, her shirt, and put on her hose. She then brushed her hair and teeth and put on some make up. She then slipped on her black pumps that had music clefs for heels. She grabbed her Slytherin robe and put it on and put on a hat as she exited the dorm with Nipsy on her heels.
    She ran down the stairs and stumbled into Teal.
    “Teal,” she squealed excitedly. “I was hoping I’d run into you!”
    Teal looked at her in surprise.
    Sensing he was thinking this Astrid explained, “Well I mean, I was hoping I’d see you this morning. I didn't really want to literally run into you.”
    Teal kind of smiled and said, “Well in that case, I was hoping to run into you as well.”
    “So,” Astrid started, “How is your common room? Mine has a fireplace where the flames are green! And a squid attached itself to a window!”
    “That’s neat,” he said.
    “Yea. I almost squealed when he came up! I named him Bill!”
    Teal chuckled an okay. “Mine is nice. And the flames in the fireplace are yellow there.”
    “I think that’s so cool! Don’t you?!”
    “Mmhmm,” he agreed.
    Astrid and Teal walked down a few stairs and then they heard, “Crybaby Andrews.”
    Astrid turned to see a boy looking snootily at Teal.
    She turned back in time to see Teal also turning his head back. She was about to ask him about it when suddenly a water fountain vomited water all over her! Astrid squealed and Nipsy, scared, scurried up on top of Teal’s head.
    “That was weird,” she said as she and Teal continued walking.
    “Yea. Water doesn't usually move by itself. I wonder how that happened.”
    “Me too! But I bet I can guess.”
    “What’s your-“
    Then another fountain vomited water at her, interrupting Teal’s sentence. He stepped back so he wouldn't get wet too.
    “Oh my gosh. What is going on?”
    Then a note fluttered out and landed in Astrid’s hand.
    “Now you’ll know not to mess with my Drakie-Poo,” she read to herself.
    Astrid growled and and crumpled the paper, placing it in her pocket.
    “Pansy,” she said.
    “This girl in my dorm. She has icky greasy black hair and an annoyingly high pitched voice.”
    At that moment another fountain spewed water onto her. And again Teal stepped back.
    Astrid started to tear up. She had no idea why Pansy was attacking her. Sure she thought Draco was cute but she wouldn't actually tell him that.
    “Maybe I should get her back?”
    Teal looked at her.
    “Yea, you’re right. That’s mean and I’m too nice for that,” she sighed.
    Another fountain then spewed out water but before it could hit her Teal pulled out his wand, waved it once, and bent the water around Astrid, causing it to hit Ms. Norris full on. The cat screeched and ran off.
    “Thanks, Teal,” she said.
    “You’re welcome.”
    Then they entered the Great Hall.
    “Hey, there’s Jenson,” Astrid said as he walked up to them.
    "How are you guys doin'?" Jenson asked.
    Teal shrugged. Astrid explained.
    "The Slytherins are all uptight and mean and...hmph!" she said, crossing her arms in annoyance before beginning to ring out her dripping robe.
    "What happened?" Jenson asked.
    "Pansy Parkinson bewitched the water fountains in the hallway to vomit whenever I passed by."
    "And they can vomit far," Teal added.
    She took her hat off and rang it out. A very large amount of water puddled in the hallway floor and causing the third year behind her to skid across the floor.
    She waved her wand in a crazy pattern. "Evaporus!" The water evaporated and went away.
    Suddenly, the screeching of owls caught them off guard. Ezra, Jensen’s owl, landed on his arm. Edgar leaped back into Teal's robe and Nipsy hissed and hopped from Teal's head to the floor as the unfamiliar owls landed on Teal's and Astrid's outstretched forearms. Clutched in their talons were rolled up parchments. They all took the parchment from the owls and the owls flew back to the Owlery.
    Astrid took that she and Jenson have Transfiguration and Herbology together. And History of Magic and Astronomy.
    Jenson then looked at the clock and said, “I’ll see you both later. I have to eat before my first class!”
    He then ran off to his table.
    Astrid sighed looking over at the Slytherin table.
    “Is it okay if I sit with you?” she asked.
    “Of course.”
    The pair walked to the Hufflepuff table and sat at the end, by themselves. They filled their plates up and started eating.
    Then Pansy walked up with her “posse”.
    “That’s a good look for you, Burkeheart,” she said and the others laughed as they exited the hall.
    “Pansy,” Astrid said.
    “Ahh.” Teal said looking over at Pansy.
    “And all because I talked to Draco. But I just introduced myself. And you know what’s weird? They’re not even dating.”
    Teal looked confused.
    “I know. It confuses me too. Oh! Let’s compare schedules,” she said switching subjects.
    “Okay,” he said laying his schedule on the table.
    “Hey! We have Charms together!”
    “We all have History of Magic and Astronomy together,” Teal commented.
    They both looked over at the Ravenclaw table and saw Jenson talking and laughing with the people around him.
    He seemed to be having better luck with his house mates than the two of them.

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    Chapter Two Empty Re: Chapter Two

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    Teal was the first Hufflepuff student to walk into their Defense Against the Dark Arts class. A bunch of Ravenclaw students were seated near the front, and not entirely sure if they were supposed to sit a certain way, Teal walked over to the very back row of seats and sat down. He looked around for Jenson but he didn’t see him yet. He had forgotten to check for him when he’d left the Great Hall.

    Teal hadn’t eaten much, so it made sense that he had beat the Ravenclaw boy there. He’d had two meals at Hogwarts so far, and both of them had been smaller than what his normal appetite allowed. Perhaps he was just experiencing homesickness. He’d never really been away from home before, not for more than a few days, and the idea of spending several months away was slightly terrifying.

    In fact, this realization was so scary to him that he had cried himself to sleep last night. He had tried to muffle his sobs, but he was certain that if any of the boys were awake they had heard him. It wasn’t just the thought of being away from home for so long that bothered him, but the fact that so far, with the exception of Astrid and Jenson, no one seemed to be as happy and welcoming as his godmother had said they would be. He felt even more alone here then he had at home.

    Jenson rushed into the room a moment later, after most of the other Hufflepuffs. There was a girl with giant, tangled hair alongside him. Teal didn’t know her name, but he was fairly certain that Jenson had sat beside her both the night before and at breakfast that morning. They had a small conversation before she turned and walked over to one of the empty seats at the front of the room. Teal turned back to look at Jenson then, half surprised to see him walking his way.

    Teal smiled.

    "Hey, Teal. Is there any way you could sit closer to the front? I'd like to sit near you, but I can't sit this far back."

    Teal turned to look up at the front of the room for a moment. Sitting up there meant everyone could see him. A day ago he wouldn’t have cared, but last night, when he had been sorted, everyone could see him then, and everyone had laughed at him. He didn’t even know why. He didn’t want that again. However, sitting in the back meant sitting alone. Why would he sit alone when he could sit with Jenson? Jenson, who was asking Teal to sit by him, not just telling him he was allowed to. Besides, they were friends, and friends did things for each other, even when it meant doing something you didn’t like.

    Teal tried to continue smiling, to look happy, but it didn’t work. Instead, he turned back to Jenson and swallowed, then nodded slowly.

    “Okay,” he practically whispered.

    “Great,” Jenson replied. “Thanks.”

    Teal got up from his seat and followed Jenson as he led the way to two empty seats at the front of the room, next to the girl he had come in with. Jenson sat down in the seat to her left and Teal sat down to the left of him.

    “Teal, this is-” Jenson began, but was quickly cut off.

    “Hermione Granger! A pleasure to make your acquaintance!” the girl beside him said in a way that almost reminded him of Astrid, holding out her hand in the form of a shake.

    Teal shook her hand and was about to tell her his name when she spoke again.

    “Did he say your name was Teal? Like the color? That’s a very odd thing to name your child.”

    Teal wanted to point out that she had just told him her name and he wasn’t even sure how to pronounce it, nor had he ever heard a name even similar to it before, but he didn’t. He just gave a slightly forced smile.

    Just then, a voice pulled his attention to the front of the room.

    “Good morning class. My name is professor Quirrell, and I will be your instructor for The Defense Against the Dark Arts.”

    Teal didn’t notice too much about the man that made him seem any different from any other person except for the funny looking purple turban he wore on his head. Teal briefly wandered what it was for, but didn’t bother to ask. Perhaps it was just another fashion thing, like Astrid liked to talk about. He’d have to remember to ask her about it later.

    The class continued, professor Quirrell telling them about why the class was important, which Teal found to be pretty self explanatory, thanks to the title. He also noted that every time the professor asked a question, Hermi- ...Hermo- ...the girl with the H name would always raise her hand, even shaking it eagerly if he didn’t call on her right away. Teal found this very amusing. He also decided to go to her for help whenever he didn’t understand something.

    Professor Quirrell ended the class by giving them an assignment to read the first chapter in their textbook. Teal waved goodbye to Jenson as he hurried off with the H girl to their next class. Teal double-checked his schedule. It was nine o’ clock now, and his next class didn’t start until twelve forty-five, after lunch. That was also one of the two classes he shared with both Astrid and Jenson: History of Magic.

    Not sure where else to go until lunch, Teal headed in the direction he believed the library to be. He remembered hearing someone say it was on the third floor, but that was all he really knew. Teal headed for the staircase and began his ascent. He carefully pulled Edgar, who had been resting in the inside pocket of his cloak since breakfast, out and placed him back on his shoulder.

    Teal reached the second floor and headed to the grand staircase, figuring it was the easiest way to get to the third floor. He was wrong. The stairs shifted on him so much that by the time he got to the third floor, he wasn’t even sure if it was the third floor he was on and he was experiencing a bout of motion sickness. Edgar croaked twice.

    “Yeah, I’m okay. Thanks,” Teal replied.

    Teal reached the third floor and made his way through the hallways. On his journey to find the library, he ended up in the Trophy Room, the Armor Gallery and the Hospital Wing, which was a very awkward experience, before he finally figured out where to go. By the time he did finally reach the library, it was already nine thirty-two. He was going to have to work on learning his way around the school if he was going to get to his classes on time. His last three classes of the day were back to back.

    He ambled into the library and stopped. He had never seen so many books before. Books, upon books, upon books! He wasn’t an avid reader, like many of the Ravenclaw students seamed to be, but he did like to read from time to time. He moved into the room slowly, looking around and taking in the grandness of it all. It was almost like walking into Hogwarts for the first time all over again. After a few seconds he spotted Astrid near one of the bookshelves at the front of the room.

    Astrid was nose-deep in a book, concentrating so hard that she didn’t notice Teal walk in. He smiled at the site of her and then made his way in her direction. She didn’t even notice him until he was standing right beside her, a smile on his face in a form of greeting.

    “Oh, hey, Teal!” she called excitedly, causing Teal to place one hand over his ear in surprise. “How was Defense Against the Dark Arts? I heard professor Quirrell can be strict, though nothing like Snape or McGonagall. Did he assign you much homework?”

    “We have to read the first chapter in our book,” Teal replied, pulling the sturdy book out from under his cloak and plopping it down onto one of the empty parts of the shelf. He flipped it open and turned to the first page of text.

    “Only the first chapter?” She asked peppily, reaching up to place the book she had been reading back on the shelf. “That’s nothing. You’ll be done before you know it!”

    Astrid began to stroll down the aisle then, browsing through more books. Teal picked up his textbook and cradled it in his arms, attempting to follow her and read at the same time. Edgar let out a croak, pulling Astrid’s attention to him for a second.

    “Oh, sorry, Edgar. How are you?”

    Another croak.

    “He’s well,” Teal informed her. “So what are you looking for?”

    “Oh, nothing in particular. Just browsing. I’m sure there are more than a few interesting reads in here. Maybe even something that can help me launch into my writing career,” she exclaimed, her face lighting up at the thought.

    “Did the water fountains stop vomiting on you yet?” Teal asked, his eyes doing their best to stay glued to the page.

    “Thankfully, yes. I presume she only enchanted the ones on the way from our dormitories to the Great Hall. She’s so terribly unpleasant!”

    “I’m glad you’re dry,” Teal told her, lifting his eyes from the page long enough to give her a smile.

    “Thank you!”

    Their conversation continued in much the same fashion, Teal following Astrid around and attempting to read while she looked through the endless shelves of books, stopping every so often to take one down and read a bit. Finally, after about forty minutes or so, it was time for Astrid to head to class. She wished Teal fair well, reminding him that they’d see each other again at lunch, and headed on her way.

    Teal looked around, still in awe by the size of the room and all of its books, and then remembered that Hogwarts had a study room. Come to think of it, he wasn’t even sure why he had decided to come here instead. It was strange that this was the first place he thought of, with no real reason to be here, and yet he had found Astrid here. He pondered this a moment longer before shrugging and leaving the room.

    It was time to begin the adventure of finding the study room...

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    Chapter Two Empty continued...

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    Teal's expression gradualy turned from from looking like he had just taken a shot of lemon extract to an unconvincing smile.

    "Okay," he muttered just above a whisper. Jenson tried not to sigh audibly with relief.

    "Great, thanks."

    Teal grabbed his things and followed Jenson back to the front. Though Jenson could almost feel the discomfort radiating from Teal, he felt that it would be good for Teal to branch outside of his comfort zone. Jenson took the empty seat directly left of Hermione while Teal deposited his things into the seat left of Jenson. Jenson attempted an introduction.

    "Teal, this is..." he started before Hermione stood up from her seat and extended her hand.

    "Hermione Granger! A pleasure to make your acquaintance!"
    Teal stared at her hand for a moment as if frightened that it would bite him. Before her enthusiastic smile had a chance to falter, however, he shook her hand twice before seating himself. Hermione likewise took her seat again.

    "Did he say your name was Teal? Like the color? That's a very odd thing to name your child."

    Jenson thought that that was a bit rich coming from Hermione but, then again, she was English and they were Americans. Maybe her name was more common here than "Teal" was back home in the states...but he doubted it. Teal appeared to have the same reaction, but instead smiled uncomfortably as if Hermione was a potential lunatic.

    "Good morning class," came a voice from the back room, drawing the class's collective attention. A thin man in black robes and a bright purple turban strode through the desks to his desk up front, a large black bag in one hand and a thin willowy wand in his other. As he passed between Jenson and Hermione, there was a distinct, pungent smell that caused Jenson to cough slightly. The man put down his bag and turned to face the class.

    "My name is Professor Quirrell, and I will be your instructor for The Defense Against the Dark Arts." He gestured to Jenson. "As several of you might have noticed, including this young man here...what is your name?"

    Jenson's heart lept as he realized that Quirrell was talking to him. Nervously, he said, "Uh, Jenson Shirey, professor, sir."

    Professor Quirrell smiled at his nervousness. "Just 'professor' will do, Shirey. As Mr. Shirey has noticed, as well as several others of you, I'm sure, I smell quite heavily of garlic. I have just returned from a visit to the Black Forest of Albania. It is, as many of you might know, infested with vampires and other creatures of the Dark Arts. And garlic does, indeed, keep vampires from drinking your blood. They can't stand it. There are, however," he said, brandishing his wand in front of him, "other spells necessary to keep them from simply attacking you instead."

    Many of the first years that Jenson could see, including himself, looked shocked at the news of vampires. Except Hermione. She just sat there eagerly, quill in hand, jotting down everything he said on a long piece of parchment. To his left, Teal seemed equally shocked, and quite horrified, to learn that vampires were poking around anywhere. Apparently, his godmother had not mentioned that in their discussions.

    "Now, get out your quills, parchments and your Defense Against the Dark Arts for Beginners books. we have some basics to go over. Who knows when the first definition of 'Dark Arts' was recorded in Britain...according to the book, at least."

    Hermione's hand shot up instantly.

    The rest of the class was fairly ho-hum after the brief shock about Albanian vampires. After Professor Quirrell took roll, he began lecturing on the history of practical, magical defense. When professor Quirrell would ask a question, Hermione's hand would rise like a reflexive reaction and she was, apparently, always right. The sight seemed to amuse Teal to no end, but it simply impressed Jenson. Hermione might not necessarily be competition with him in his studies, but he was going to have to work very hard to keep up with her.

    Before dismissing the class, Quirrell assigned the first chapter of their book to be read by the next class period. Hermione seemed disappointed that there was no other reading assignments, but wisely decided not to complain aloud to the other students...just to Jenson and Teal.

    "I mean we've already gone over much of the information and, in my opinion, chapter 2 does a far better job of outlining the objectives of the class and Practical Defense Against Dark Arts by Grimore Belcock does a far better job at summarizing the pros and cons of..."
    "Hermione," Jenson interrupted, "It's the first day. Give us time to get our magic legs before they start piling on homework. What did you think Teal?"

    Teal just shrugged.

    Hermione looked at the clock on the wall.

    "Jenson, we have to get to Charms class. A third year told me that Professor Flitwick plays practical jokes on students who are late the first day of class."

    "Whoa, uh, okay. Bye Teal! See you at lunch!" Jenson called back as Hermione started to stride off without him, making him jog to catch up.

    Teal waved at them until he disappeared around the corner from their view. Poor Teal, Jenson thought to himself. But he'll perk up once he gets used to everything.

    Hermione was now speedwalking to the stairs and Jenson soley managed to keep up with her due to his longer legs.

    "So, what'd you think of Teal?" He said with a smile, parodying her gait before she gave him a withering glance.

    "Well...he's a bit odd. He doesn't seem to be very enthusiastic about his first day of classes. And he's very quiet..."

    "Well, he hasn't had much company his own age, so we're kind of a new experience for him. Plus, didn't you say I'm odd?" Jenson said defensively.

    "Well, yes..." she started, before she let out a scream as her foot fell through the third step of the downward staircase. Jenson, who had a habit of taking stairs two at a time, had, by chance, jumped over it. Thankfully, he was able to catch her before she fell forward and injured herself.

    "Are you okay?!" Jenson asked worriedly, eying the step cautiously. Hermione's leg was still halfway through it and, as she pulled it out, he could swear he heard the staircase tittering. Hermione seemed shaken by the experience. Understandable, of course. If the floor had disappeared out from under him while he was walking, he would be more than a little paranoid. Luckily, her bag had landed two steps below and nothing had shattered or broken. One of her ink pots had leaked a little, but not enough to truly damage anything.

    "I'm fine...that was quite a scare."

    "Yes, you have to watch out for those," said a tall girl with dark hair and a prefect button on her robe. "Some staircases have false steps. You just have to remember to jump them. One of the stair cases on the fourth floor does that as well." glancing at each other nervously, Jenson and Hermione began taking the steps carefully, one at a time back down to the main floor.

    Jenson and Hermione managed to make it down the staircase without further incident and, rushing to Professor Flitwick's class, practically skidded into the doorway, narrowly avoiding the Fat Friar chasing Peeves out of the classroom, yelling about 'frog-spawn' and 'elderberries.'

    They took a seat near the front of the classroom next to a boy with blondish-red hair that Jenson recognized as Anthony Goldstein.
    "Hey, Anthony! It's good to see you again." Jenson said with a smile, clapping him on the back as he took his seat right next to him.

    "Jenson! I see you made it to class all right. How did you like Defense Against the Dark Arts?"

    "Professor Quirrell's something, isn't he? Oh, Anthony, this is..." Jenson started, motioning to Hermione.

    "Hermione Granger," she said with a smile, "It's a pleasure to meet you."

    "Hello Hermione. You're the one who answered all of Professor Quirrell's questions, right?"

    Hermione blushed.

    "Yeah, that's her." Jenson said with a grin. "Even among Ravenclaws, she's a nerd."

    Hermione looked offended.

    "I am not a nerd! I simply think that it is important to take our studies seriously!"

    Anthony and Jenson exchanged glances.

    Before either of them could respond, the door opened and a tall, pointed hat sauntered through the doorway. Reaching the center of the room, a voice called out, "Inperspicuo!" and, which a flourish, the diminutive professor Flitwick appeared before them, bowing to applause from the rest of the class. Before he could say anything, however, a boy with a mop of unruly black hair burst through the door, accompanied by a thin, black boy and a pale boy with reddish-brown hair. They all appeared to be first years.

    "Sorry professor," the black boy said, huffing with exhaustion, "Peeves started dropping frogspawn and winebottles in the hallway and we barely escaped with our lives!"

    "I'm sure it wasn't quite that dramatic," Flitwick said with an air of having heard excuses before. He pulled out a parchment. "Your names, please."

    "Dean Thomas," said the black boy, lifting his bag back onto his shoulder and looking around the room for an empty seat.
    "Seamus Finnigan," said the pale boy, likewise catching his breath and looking for an empty seat.

    Flitwick made marks next to their names and turned to the dark-haired boy, whom Jenson recognized as the Potter boy.

    "Harry Potter," he said, pushing his hair out of his eyes.

    "Well, have a seat you three." Flitwick glanced down the rest of the list, calling off names. As they took their seats, tiny clouds appeared over their heads, released a light, misty rain directly over their heads, unaffecting anyone else around them. At their dismayed looks, Flitwick giggled to himself and said, "maybe you'll try harder to be on time next time, gentlemen."

    After a few more names were called, Professor Flitwick reached, "Shirey, David."

    Looking up as Jenson called out 'here,' Flitwick smiled and said, "if I remember correctly, you prefer 'Jenson,' correct?"

    At Jenson's nod, Professor Flitwick marked the correction and continued his roll call. Anthony looked at Jenson with raised eyebrows.

    "You've met Professor Flitwick already?" Anthony asked.

    "Well, yeah. He brought me my Hogwarts letter of acceptance."

    "And he remembered your name. That's a good sign, Jenson." Hermione said excitedly. "You must have made a rather good impression."

    Jenson shrugged as Flitwick called for them to pull out their quills and parchments for a brief lecture on the practical applications of Charms.

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    Chapter Two Empty Re: Chapter Two

    Post  filigreewitch on Tue Jan 31, 2012 2:20 am

    Astrid left Teal at the library hoping he’d be okay. She walked down to Transfiguration and noticed there were already some students in the classroom. Astrid went to the front table, on the left side, and sat in the most left chair. She pulled out her quill, ink, and parchment and sat them on the table. She picked up the quill in her left hand, dipped it in the ink and wrote the date on the top of her paper.
    A few moments later Jensen walked in with that mousy, curly brown haired girl. Astrid wondered briefly if he wasn’t going to sit by her. But the thought quickly left her mind when he waved, walking over to her… with Hermy-one on his heels.
    Astrid sighed silently as Jensen sat beside her and Hermy-one on the other side.
    “Hey Jensen,” Astrid said happily and added, “And Hermy-one.”
    Hermione kind of chuckled, slightly embarrassed and corrected Astrid.
    “Oh, no. It’s Hermione. H-E-R-M-I-O-N-E. Hermione.”
    Spelling Bee Word 1- correct,’ Astrid thought. Though she said, “Hermione, got it.”
    Astrid then turned to Jensen.
    “So I saw Teal before class. How was he in D.A.D.A?”
    “He was… Well he was sitting in the back of the class but I convinced him to sit up front with me and Hermione. He didn’t seem too keen on it but he moved anyway. It’s a good start of taking him out of his shell.”
    “I’m so proud of him,” Astrid said, delighted.
    Then Professor McGonagall walked in.
    “Transfiguration is some of the most complex and dangerous magic you will learn at Hogwarts,” she said. “Anyone messing around in my class will leave and not come back. You have been warned.”
    She then changed the desk into a pig and back again. The students ooh’d and ahh’d.
    “That’s so Title of Show,” Astrid said lowly.
    “Please pull out some parchment and your quills. We’ll be starting with some notes.”
    Astrid picked up her quill and started writing down a lot of complicated notes.
    After the class finished, Professor McGonagall passed out matches.
    “Now class, I want you all to try to turn your match into a needle,” she instructed.
    “That sounds easy enough,” Jensen said.
    And he was quite right. Well mostly. By the end of class only Astrid, Jensen and Hermione had turned their matches into needles.
    Professor McGonagall held up their needles to show the class.
    “Good job you three,” she said smiling. “Now for homework I want you all to read chapters one and two. And write a paper on why Transfiguration can be dangerous- due Monday.”
    The class packed their bags and the bell rang signaling the end of class.
    “That was a great lesson,” Astrid said to Jenson as they walked to the Great Hall for lunch.
    “That spell did seem too easy...” Jenson said.
    “Well they’re not all going to be easy,” Hermione said, annoyingly knowing.
    Astrid then suddenly realized that she would most likely not get along with this Hermione chick. And that she’d be in constant competition against her, unbeknownst to Hermione, of course.
    Astrid then started to think of their next class, History of Magic, and wondered what being taught by a ghost would be like while she ignored Hermione’s speech about the “dangers of assuming all spells were easy”.
    I wonder if he’ll be cool since he’s dead. Maybe he won’t care what we do. Hermione needs to do something with her hair. Gracious, it's so curly and frizzy and- Hmm, it’s a pretty day outside,’ Astrid thought as they passed a window.
    Suddenly Astrid felt someone nudge her. It was Jenson.
    “I said, look there’s Teal.”
    “Oh, yea, what do you know,” she said, waving to Teal.
    Teal walked over to them and they continued toward the Great Hall.
    “What do you think being taught by a ghost will be like,” Astrid asked Teal.
    Teal opened his mouth to answer but Hermione interrupted with her opinion.
    “I think being taught by a ghost will be like-“
    Whoa,’ Astrid thought, no longer listening to Hermione’s answer. ‘She set up her answer like the beginning of a paragraph to a paper… Who does that? It’s like she has to be better than everyone. I wonder if she feels like she has to prove herself. Or maybe this is just her. Oh my gosh, she’s so… insufferable! Yes, I will be competing with her. You best bet that!
    Then another voice in Astrid’s head asked, ‘Who are you talking to?
    Myself,’ yelled the other voice.
    “But that’s just what other people say. I’m sure he’s not that boring,” Hermione finished.
    “Interesting,” Astrid said rolling her eyes slightly.
    The four of them walked into the Great Hall. Jenson and Hermione went to the Ravenclaw table, Teal went to the Hufflepuff table, and Astrid started a slow walk toward the Slytherin table.
    Astrid sat on the end away from everyone and ate.
    "So Astrid," Pansy said, "Hanging with a Hufflepuff? Could you get any lower?"
    "Sure she could. I bet he's a muggleborn," said Millicent.
    "Ew, you're right," Pansy agreed.
    "Leave me alone Pansy. I'm just trying to eat; in peace," Astrid said.
    "Come on girls, let's go sit by my Drakie-Poo!"
    Astrid stuck her fork in her mouth and thought, 'I bet he can't even stand you.' She then chuckled to herself.

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    Chapter Two Empty Re: Chapter Two

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    Teal had stayed in the study room reading until it was almost time for lunch. He had finished the first chapter of ‘Defense Against the Dark Arts for Beginners’ and started on the first chapter of their book for History of Magic. The first book had been much more interesting so far, though both of them were still rather dull, given the way in which they were written.

    Teal had been a few pages into the first chapter of ‘A History of Magic’ by Bathilda Bagshot when the several other Hufflepuff and two Gryffindor students in the room began to gather their things and leave. The sudden movement had inspired him to look up at the enchanted clock above the doorway and he realized it was almost time for lunch.

    On his way to the Great Hall he had run into Astrid, Jenson and Hermylie. He had walked with them until they reached their destination, at which point they’d all split up and gone to their respective tables. That was the part that Teal disliked the most: being able to see them, but feeling as though he was not allowed to be with them. Maybe one day they’d all be able to sit together.

    They had one hour to eat, just like at breakfast. One hour to sit alone and pretend that things were alright. Except for Jenson. He seemed to be actually enjoying both his house and its students. Teal ate a few diced potatoes. Apparently in England they referred to them as chips. This was just one of the few things he’d have to get used to. He grabbed an egg and began to nibble on that as well. On the bright side, at least the food was good.

    Teal pulled out his robe to check on Edgar. The large frog was sleeping soundly in his inside pocket. He seemed to like it in there, as he was constantly jumping back in on his own accord since Teal had first put the robe on. Teal let the robe fall back against his chest and stroked Edgar gently through it. The frog was nestled comfortably against Teal’s heart and the boy smiled at this realization.

    Teal finished picking at his food and looked down at the other Hufflepuff students. They were all either talking among themselves, or eating, with the exception of one of the boys from his dorm: Justin Finch-Fletchly. He was staring at Teal. As soon as Teal spotted him, however, he quickly looked back down at his food and continued eating. Teal’s brows furrowed in confusion. People could be so hard to understand...

    When the end of lunch came, Teal met up with Astrid, Jenson and Hermello just outside of the Great Hall. As they started walking towards the History of Magic room Teal pulled Edgar out of his pocket and placed him on his shoulder, telling him that too much sleep was a bad thing. They made their way to the grand staircase and carefully began their ascent. Teal liked the moving stairs. They seemed peaceful for some reason.

    “What floor do we need to go to?” Jenson asked as they continued to climb.

    “The fourth,” Astrid and Herminie answered simultaneously.

    The two girls turned and gave each other a weary look, both surprised by and uncomfortable with their likeness in the moment. Teal turned his concentration to Astrid, who sighed and then turned her head sharply back towards the direction they were heading. The stairway they were on suddenly began to shift then, reconnecting to a platform leading in the opposite direction just as they reached the top.

    “Poopsickle!” Astrid exclaimed, looking back and forth between the two possible routes before them. “Well... This way should be quicker!”

    Astrid started to the right, but stopped abruptly as Hermalice’s voice filled the air.

    “Actually, no, I’m fairly certain we should go left,” she said, her lips pursed as she pointed one small finger in said direction.

    “No, it’s right,” Astrid replied. “I’m sure of it now.”

    “I’m telling you, you’re wrong.”

    Astrid looked as if she was having trouble breathing for a moment, her eyes getting larger. Teal headed over to her to help her start breathing again, but before he could even reach her she responded again.

    “Fine, I guess we’ll just have to see, won’t we?” she said, forcing a smile and turning on her heel to continue in the direction she had been going.

    Teal instinctively followed her, only looking back a few seconds later to see Hermincollie and Jenson walking in the opposite direction. He turned back to watch Astrid again. She was walking very fast, faster than he’d seen any of the students walking so far. He picked up his pace, his long legs making it easy to keep up with her. They climbed several more flights of stairs and then got off on the third floor and began speeding down the corridor.

    They rounded the corner, in front of the hospital wing, and scurried up the stairs there, coming up in front of the History of Magic hallway. Astrid smiled as she saw the entrance to the room, and continued forward. Her smile quickly shifted, however, as Astrid and Jenson appeared around the corner from the other direction.

    “I told you I was right,” both girls shouted as they came to an identical stop in front of the classroom.

    They quickly took a step back and began to look each other over in unison, before finally moving forward into the classroom. Teal smiled at the exchange, almost like watching some sort of play, and caught Jenson’s eye. He was smiling too and it made Teal feel somewhat proud of himself. He seemed to be having the right reaction to the situation. It was good.

    Hermummy made a beeline to the closest table and Jenson took the seat to her left. They were big enough for two people to sit at each one, but no more. Astrid moved to the table behind them and sat down directly behind Jenson. Teal sat beside her. Edgar croaked.

    A few minutes later, after the class had filled up, Professor Binns floated in. Teal smiled. He didn’t know if he would like having a ghost as a teacher or not, but it was a neat change from the normal human at least.

    “Please turn to page fifteen in your books, and pull out your parchment and quills,” the professor drawled. “Today we will be taking notes on Emeric the Oddball and Uric the Evil.”

    “That’s not right. He’s got them mixed up,” Hermelephant whispered to Jenson.

    “I’m sorry,” Binns apologized dryly. “I mean Emeric the Evil and Uric the Oddball.”

    Teal pulled out his book and turned to the instructed page. He hadn’t gotten quite this far in the study room, and was soon glad as the class turned out to be very boring. He very well may have fallen asleep if he had been learning about this for the second time. It wasn’t long before he found himself staring out of the window on the other side of the room, his mind far, far away.

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