In a world where Dumbledore killed Voldemort before he ever killed Harry's parents, we follow three characters during their time at Hogwarts

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    Name: Astrid Soliel Burkeheart

    Sex: chick

    Age: August 28, 1980

    Race: Caucasian

    Appearance: 4’9.5” 125 pounds. She has really long dark brown hair about to her hips, electric green eyes, chipmunk cheeks and a nose sort of like Cindy Lou Who’s. She kind of has man shoulders with a little pudge around her tummy. Her clothes are weird printed dresses, graphic shirts with jeans and flowy skirts. When she’s on the train she’s wearing a flowy polka dot skirt, graphic tee with the Eiffel Tower on it, a heart headband, and red suede booties.

    Personality: She is not a typical Slytherin being outgoing and laughs pretty loudly most of the time and she’s nice to most everyone. She’s very clever and has disregard for some of the rules. And she’s extremely ambitious about being a writer for The Quibbler or even The Daily Prophet.

    Pet: a silver and grey/white puffy kitty named Nipsy

    House: Slytherin

    Bio: Astrid has two dads named Eli and Anson. Anson is the biological dad. Her biological mom, Tinsel, is Anson’s best friend. Anson and Tinsel were both Slytherins and Eli was a Hufflepuff when they went to Hogwarts. Eli plays on the Chudley Cannons team as the keeper so Astrid grew up loving Quidditch though she would never play because of her fear of heights. Anson used to play in a band called, “Wizarding Warriors” as the drummer and he’s still trying to make it as a musician but for now he’s selling his art. So Astrid also grew up loving music and drawing. She can play the guitar, drums, and some piano. Eli and Anson taught Astrid to be accepting of others’ views and to be very loving and sweet. Astrid is very cultured of both the wizarding world and the muggle world. She also loves writing and reading and hopes to become a writer for The Quibbler.

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