In a world where Dumbledore killed Voldemort before he ever killed Harry's parents, we follow three characters during their time at Hogwarts

    Teal Evander Andrews


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    Name: Teal Evander Andrews

    Sex: Male

    Age: February 23, 1980

    Race: Caucasian

    Appearance: For the age of eleven, Teal is very tall and skinny, coming to about 5’3” and 85 lbs. His pale skin is covered with a plethora of freckles, and his eyes, brown surrounded by green, are hidden behind long eyelashes. He has a golden brown/dirty blond hair color, and his hair is cut rather short, though it always appears as if he’s just woken up. (He’s literally me at 11, guys) His casual clothes tend to be either too big or small on him, and often mismatching, somewhat in part to the fact that he simply doesn’t care, but mostly do to him being rather poor. At the beginning of the story he is wearing a light green sweater that swallows him in size, with a pair of torn up blue jeans, and two different pairs of shoes: a tan color moccasin on his right food, and an old, grey sneaker on his left foot.

    Personality: Being both raised and home-schooled by his godmother, Teal has grown up incredibly socially inept and ignorant. He’s very quiet most of the time, just observing people, as they’re basically a new experience for him. He will often have reactions that people don’t expect to things, including not reacting to stuff that most people would. He loves animals, and is very protective of anyone, animal or human, that he cares for. He is never knowingly mean or rude to someone without due cause. He still has much to learn about people and the world in general. He experiences many emotions, more so than most boys his age, but simply does not know how to portray most of them in a recognizable way, if at all. He also has a special connection with water and has always been drawn to it.

    Pet: A frog, his only friend, named Edgar. He is a white-lipped tree frog, though he is abnormally closer to the size of a toad, and he is bright green.

    House: Hufflepuff

    Bio: Teal’s parents were killed when he was only two years old, though his godmother refuses to tell him exactly what happened, only ever saying that they were lost in an accident. Teal went to live with his godmother then, as his mother was an only child, and his father’s family are muggles and don’t want anything to do with the wizarding world. Teal’s godmother was very reclusive from much of the world, relying on magic and nature to meet as many of her needs as possible. Her magic specialties are Herbology and Divination. She is the wizarding world’s equivalent of a hippy. She raised Teal herself, home-schooling him as well. As a result, Teal grew up with very little understanding of people, both muggle and magic user, and is very obviously unsure of what to do in most social situations. Teal has never truly had a friend. He’s met various people, and even some kids his own age, through his godmother, but he’s the only person she’s ever known long enough and gotten along well enough with to ever consider a friend. His only friend, aside from her, is his pet frog, Edgar, that he found when he was nine and a half. Teal has grown up with most of his knowledge coming from the wizarding world, including the children’s stories his godmother would tell him when he was younger. He is almost completely ignorant of the world of muggles.

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